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Confessions on our #CristalinaLovers❤️

Day in and day out at #BikiniHeaven👙 and we can say that we’ve truly seen it (and heard it all). Every single one of our clients brings something different, and every girl that steps foot in the store means so much more than just a possible sale. With our clients, we’ve laughed 😂 and we’ve also cried ☹️ (believe it or not, some retail therapy sessions over a coffee or a glass of rosé bring out tears in all of us).

Here are 3 kinds of #CristalinaLovers (aka clients) that we see a lot of, and we love😍

The girl who tries it all on loves it all and leaves with nothing:

This happens all the time. We’re talking about the girl who walks into the store and decides to try on every possible bikini, one-piece swimsuit, and the perfect matching cover-up for each. She steps out of the fitting room looking amazing in every single outfit. We all love it, she loves it (and even comments on how tough it will be to make the decision on which style to take). To everyone’s surprise, this babe walks out after trying on anywhere between 10-15 looks and pays only for a $3 chapstick!

We get it. Sometimes you just want to know how it fits and then place your order at home 😜 - No hard feelings! That’s why we’ve got free US shipping on all orders

The girl who sends pictures for approval to every single one of her WhatsApp groups:

Nowadays, we’re so used to sharing our daily lives on Social Media that we also like to share our shopping experiences. It’s almost like we can’t seem to make our own decisions anymore and we need the approval of our virtual audience to make the final decision: take it or leave it.

Clearly, shopping solo isn’t nearly as fun as sharing every moment with our BFF’s/moms/ cousins via voice notes, videos, and FaceTime, and that’s when the second-guessing begins… When you send a bikini pic to a group of 10 + girls, you can expect 10 different opinions, everything from “I loooove it,” to “It looks good, but you could do better,” to “I don’t know, I think you’d be better off with a simple all-black one-piece”.

To avoid a million written opinions that will leave you more confused than you started off, let us replace your virtual audience. We’re actually there, seeing the look live, with lots of swimsuit/ beach look experience, and we pride ourselves with one super important quality: honesty.

The girl who looks amazing, but thinks nothing fits her

This is the most frustrating kind of client. She literally looks amazing in anything and everything she tries on, but can’t quite see it for herself! This is the girl that finds the million-and-one reasons to say no to the swimsuit, and ironically, she’s got every reason to say yes!

We really wish you all could look in the mirror and see the same beautiful women that we see in front of us…

Are you any one of these 3 #CristalinaLovers ? If so, share it with us in the comments! If not, no worries, we’ll be talking about some other client experiences in a future post!

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