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The #CRISTALINAGIRLGANG Top Picks of the Week

If you follow us on Instagram, you definitely know the faces behind the Cristalina Girl Gang. We're a group of gals who work really hard day in and day out to discover new beachwear and swimwear brands, curate our top picks, bring you the best possible swim and resort wear selection to our stores and online, and give you the best customer experience possible (oh, and we also have tons of fun while we're at it). 
Ideally, our goal is to make shopping as easy as possible for you. So, with that in mind, each of us have rounded up this week's top picks. Here's a brief description of who we are, and some of our weekly faves;
1. Ali: The Boss
"My favorites are always cream and earthy tones." 
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Ali:
- Workaholic
- Knows every single SKU by heart
2. Sofi: The Marketing Guru
"I always tend to choose pieces that hide/flatter my breasts."
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Sofi:
- Exaggerated and over-the-top with her reactions
- Can't hide her feelings and definitely does not have a good poker face
3. Jenny: Our Star Sales-Rep
"This bikini works wonders on most body types, which is why I love it."
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Jenny:
- Is always up to date with news and current events
- Walks around the store in socks to not get the floor dirty ;)
4. Naho: In charge of Newness
"I like everything sexy. Curves are there for a reason, we must show them off."
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Naho:
- Not shy at all
- Loves loud reggaeton, 24/7
5. Shan: Our online order guru
"My go-to pieces will always be over-the-top pieces."
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Shan:
- Snacks all day long (literally)
- Has a completely made up vocabulary, with tons of funny made up words
6. Isa V: Our content-creator geanie
"I'm into prints and everything colorful."
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Isa V:
- She's always in a good mood
- Takes huge bites when she eats
7. Isa P: Our Gen-Z Babe
"I'm into everything tik-tok trendy. Everything else, is cheugy."
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Isa P:
- She's a gen-z babe, so everything needs to be as trendy as can be
- She's a viral tik-toker
8. Rach: Our Creative Intern
"Everything with fringes is a must-have in my closet"
2 fun/weird facts you should know about Rach:
- Big-time picky eater
- She's from all over the world: Costa Rica, Venezuela, Madrid, and Miami

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