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The Follow Up of the Break-Up Story

Apparently, our previous blog post left our readers with some unsolved questions about the break-up story. After a bunch of Instagram messages asking us what ended up happening with “the break-up girl,” we decided that it was only right to follow up with her and find out what really happened at the pool party. Did she see her ex? Did he drop dead when he saw her in her new swimsuit? Was the new girlfriend there?...

The Follow Up of the Break-Up Story

The answer to all these questions is YES. She saw him, he almost dropped dead after seeing her sexy in her new swimsuit talking to an old friend she hadn’t seen in years (a move she implemented to make him jealous), and the new girlfriend was there apparently unaware of the whole situation. And here’s the best part of the story. Our “break-up” girl tells us she doesn’t really know at what point she stopped trying to make her ex-jealous and started really liking this new guy – who she now has a date with!

We don’t really know what will happen next, or if this will be the start of an amazing long-lasting relationship. All we do know is that we played a small roll in this fun turn of events. In honor of the second part of this story, we’ve rounded up 5 tips on how to successfully make your ex-boyfriend jealous:

  • Live your life:

Live your life

Sounds basic, but the best way to make your ex-jealous is to enjoy your life and be happy with where you are. It’s important to mean it, not just pretend.

  • Get in shape:

Get in shape

Don’t take bad advice from romance movies and go on to eat an entire pint of ice cream. Go to the gym, join classes, go for a run and get exercising to boost your confidence.

  • Make it all about you for a while:

Make it all about you for a while

Call up your friends, take a trip, and make time for yourself. There’s no better way to make your ex-jealous than by not dwelling on him.

  • Change it up:

Change it up

Might be time to give yourself a makeover to feel attractive, confidence, and full of positive energy. Get a haircut, new clothes, or simply pamper yourself with a manicure or a massage.

  • Act nice:

Act nice


When you see your ex, be nice and have a natural conversation. Nothing says “I still love you” like being rude and mean.

Yep, now you know how to make your ex-jealous in the classiest way possible!



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