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How to Get Over a Break Up Like a Grown Woman

If there’s one thing we absolutely love about having a store, that we can’t fully enjoy from e-commerce, is that we get to interact one-on-one with our customers on a daily basis. The experience for us goes beyond selling a bikini. Everyone who walks into our store knows what to expect: Aside from a good session of trying on bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups, there is a whole therapeutic session over a necessary glass of rosé wine.

How to Get Over a Break Up Like a Grown Woman

This blog post is actually inspired and based on a true story shared by a customer we had in-store last week (you know who you are, even though you preferred to stay anonymous when we asked for your approval of this post). We fell in love with her the minute she stepped foot at Cristalina and said: “I saw on Instagram that you give out wine here while people try on bathing suits.” We soon learned that she had just gone through a really bad breakup and was a few days away from seeing her ex for the first time since the break up at a pool party… With his new girlfriend!

How to get over a break up like a grown woman

With these exact words, she told us she was looking for a “revenge bathing suit,” which she described as something that had to be “so damn sexy” that he would regret dumping her. That afternoon we went on for hours talking about break up stories, exes, and blasts from the past. In honor of this amazing newly found Cristalina Lover, we want to sum up our conversation in 5 tips to get over a break up like a grown up:

  • Block your ex from social media:

Block your ex from social media

You will always be tempted to check if your ex-has been looking through your stories or checking you out on social media. Even more so, you will want to see what he’s been up to (and you will start to make up so many stories in your head). To avoid temptation, and unnecessary heartache, just make sure to unfollow - out of sight, out of mind!

Seeing your ex-pop up on your Instagram stories and Facebook feed can be triggering and send you into a spiral of obsessively stalking him on social media, wondering how he moves on or even looks for a new woman. You need time and space to heal.

  • Don’t drink alone. Invite some friends instead:

Drinking with your best friend

It’s the worst being alone, sad, and drunk. At least be sad with people you love! Invite your BFFs over and drink together.

They will understand you and support you. We’ve all been heartbroken, it’s just part of life - it’s not like they’ll judge you for drinking rosé in your pajamas.

  • Try out an intense workout session:

Work out

Maybe this isn't a good time for yoga! Maybe it's a good time for something new, like kickboxing, spinning, or CrossFit. Really get some of that negative stuff out and focus your energy on a great workout!

  • Go outside!:

Go outside

It might sound cliché, but fresh air really does clear your head.

Take at least two hours from each day just to leave your bed and interact with someone different than your pet, your pint of ice cream, and that TV show you’ve been watching non-stop. Give the sweatpants a break and catch some fresh air.

  • Allow yourself to cry if you need to:

Allow yourself to cry if you need to

Make sure to take some time for yourself and cry if you must. Tears are not a sign of weakness, and crying when you should prevent an awkward, unwanted wave of tears at your workplace, or anywhere else inappropriate.

Crying is cathartic. If you don't, you'll repress your feelings until you break down in the office pantry while you're microwaving your pasta.

Also, remember that you’re always welcome to stop by Cristalina Swimwear, and chat with us over a little (or a lot) of rosé - We’re known for giving very good advice!

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