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How To Secretly Wear Makeup At The Beach


We all know that it takes a lot more effort than spending a day at the beach to get that beautiful sun-kissed skin you’re used to “recreate” with your daily makeup routine.

Keep your gorgeous looks on point when going to the beach and just focus on relaxing, getting a tan and taking lots of Instagram-worthy pictures with a secretly make-up do that nobody will notice.

If you’ve already picked out the hottest swimsuit, beach bag essentials, and a bottle of Rosé, then you only need to make sure to follow these tips and tricks to look your best at the next beach getaway with the prettiest beach-appropriate makeup that’ll keep you intact even in the harshest of conditions.

This is how to secretly wear makeup at the beach:

1- Foundation: The key to master the art of secretly wearing makeup at the beach is to look like you’re not wearing any makeup at all (if not, you’ll look overy “pancake faced”). So, in order to protect your skin while glamming up, try to mix some drops of sunscreen with your foundation. A little will go along way. You don’t want to end up looking cakey or overdone.

We recommend using Sun Bum Sunscreen for a moisturizing effect.

Sun Bum

2- Blush and Bronzer: Powder it’s definitely a no-go at the beach. Instead, look for creamy options. For bronzer, you can try a foundation that’s about four shades darker than your usual. Just be sure to apply lightly; you don’t want to look too contoured at the beach.

And for blush, try a tan or peach color that looks natural on you.

If you’re worried about oil and shine, pack some blotting papers to freshen up.

Sun Bum

3- Mascara: Waterproof mascara is a must in beach makeup. Simple! Just make sure to try it out first at home before getting into the shower so you know you won’t end up looking like a raccoon after a day at the beach.


4- Lips: First things first, don’t forget to apply a good lip protection balm with sun protection factor (SPF).

We recommend the Sun Bum Chapstick that smells yummy, gives you that effortless glossy look and most importantly, has sun protection.

Sun Bum

In addition to a sunscreen chapstick, try using a tinted balm for a touch of color. It last longer and it won’t smudge.

Plus: The major secret to wearing makeup at the beach is to apply a simple, light and neutral makeup before leaving the house, and whatever fades, fades. The beach is not the place to reapply!

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