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The Only Beach Bag Essentials You’ll Ever Need

The Only Beach Bag Essentials You’ll Ever Need 1

Heading to the coast for a vacation? Don’t forget to pack these must-haves for a five-star experience at the beach!

Of course, you could just grab a towel and run to the shore, but the right beach bag properly stocked will maximize the fun in the sun.

These are the only beach bag essentials you’ll ever need:

1- Your favorite swimsuits (bikinis & one-pieces): You’re heading to the beach, so obviously you need to pack a bikini or one-piece swimsuit! Important tip: Always pack at least two different options so you can be prepared for anything (unpredictable accidents may occur and call for an outfit change).

The Only Beach Bag Essentials You’ll Ever Need 2


The Only Beach Bag Essentials You’ll Ever Need 3

2- Sunscreen and lip balm: A no-brainer but a mega essential you should always wear whenever you go out on a sunny day. The good news is that the days of greasy lotions are gone! Meet our collection of Sun Bum products, the lotions you’ll actually want to apply (and reapply!) from head to toe (including your lips). Check out these amazing options.

Sun Bum 1 -

Sun Bum - Lotion - Beach

3- An oversized towel with a unique pattern or shape: Choosing a big towel it’s really important if you’re planning to hit the beach or lounge poolside because you can use it for so many things: Dry off, lay down with a book or just chill after a good swim! You can also share it with friends (or your crush) and relax in a comfy way.

Stand out from the all ordinary beach-goers with this heart-shaped oversized towel from Bando or go for a minimalistic look with a Turkish towel of The Handloom.

Heart-Shaped Oversized Towel
Turkish Towel

 4- Your favorite pair of sunglasses: Aside from protecting your eyes from the UV rays on beach trips and daily life, a great pair of sunnies are just a fashion statement! We’ve got every imaginable frame (aviator, round, name it) and the hottest styles of the season (including that oversized pair you’ve been looking for). Check them out here.

Favorite Pair of Sunglasses

Favorite Pair of Sunglasses

5- Fun and creative pool floats: They are irresistible and 100% Instagrammable. If you want to be trendy on your latest social media posts, our unique pool floats are a must and definitely an essential beach bag item if you plan to have a fun day at the beach or the pool while looking extra fabulous! Check out the latest pool floats that will make your friends, your drinks, and yourself stay afloat.

Float - Love - Valentines

Float - Love - Valentines

That’s it! Pack these 5 essentials and begin to have fun. We’ll be waiting for the amazing photos of your awesome beach or pool day, just tag us at @cristalina_swimwear and use hashtag #CristalinaLover so we can repost your pic!

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