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What's Your Matcha Type?

Known for its bright green color, and due to its amazing overall benefits, matcha has made its way into many households, daily routines and kitchen cabinets. Done right, and paired with the correct ingredients, you can create a drink that can nourish your gut and help detox your body. 
Because we love matcha so much, we want to get you on it, too. Here are 5 benefits of drinking matcha, followed by our 5 favorite matcha drinks (with instructions and ingredients so you can make them at home).

Why drink matcha?

  1. You get the energy boost without the caffeine crash
  2. The combination of caffeine and l-theanine boost your brain production and focus
  3. It contains a special antioxidant that fortifies your immune system
  4. It burns calories (yup, EGCg and caffeine work together to naturally boost your metabolism)
  5. Matcha makes you calmer (and in today's world, that's something we all need)
5 favorite Matcha Drinks:
1. Matcha Latte
  • Ingredients:
    • Matcha
    • Milk 
    • Water
    • Honey/ sugar/sweetener
  • Instructions:
    • Heat water.
    • Combine milk and honey.
    •  Froth sweetened milk.
    • Sift matcha into a bowl. Add hot water and whisk.
    • Pour frothed milk into a cup and then add whisked matcha.

2. Iced Matcha Rose Latte

  • Ingredients:
    • Rose hibiscus concentrate
    • Edible rose petals
    • Ice cubes (large and small)
    • Milk
    • Cocktail shaker or Wide mouth water bottle
    • Matcha
  • Instructions:
    • In a cocktail shaker or wide mouth water bottle with a tight lid, pour in the milk.
    • Add rose hibiscus concentrate
    • Shake

3. Matcha Lemonade:

  • Ingredients:
    • Matcha
    • Sugar and lemon
    • Cocktail shaker or hydro flask
    • Citrus juicer
    • Measuring cup
    • Electric kettle
    • A must for tea drinkers
    • Ice cubes
  • Instructions:
    •  Make a really simple simple syrup. Simple syrup is just 1 part sugar and 1 part water.
    • Instead of boiling the sugar and water on a stovetop, use electric kettle to boil water then dissolve the sugar in the boiling water in a separate container.


4. Matcha Frappuccino: 

  • Ingredients:
    • Matcha
    • Milk (any kind)
    • Sweetened condensed milk
    • Vanilla extract
    • Salt
    • Ice cubes
    • Heavy cream
  • Instructions:
    • Whip heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk using a handheld milk frother until it doubles in volume and medium peaks form. Set aside.
    • Blend ice, milk, matcha, vanilla extract, salt, and sweetened condensed milk until smooth.
    • Pour frozen drink into two cup

5. Matcha Hot Chocolate 

  • Ingredients:
    • Matcha
    • 3/4 White chocolate bar.
    • Milk and honey
    • Salt 
    • Pink marshmallows
  • Instructions:
    • In a saucepan, bring milk to a simmer over medium-low heat.
    • Take off heat and whisk or stir in chopped white chocolate.
    • Sift in matcha, honey, and salt until well combined.
    • Pour matcha hot chocolate into two mugs and if you would like, top with toasted pink marshmallows.


So, what's your verdict on matcha? We want to hear your thoughts too!

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