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What's in our beach pouch - The essentials

We always like to go overboard with our beach/pool/boat pouch (there are some essentials we just can't live, or leave, without).
Here's a list of a few sun care, skin care, and just great products that you should definitely include in your beach pouch. You can thank us later!

1. Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer SPF30

    We've been loving this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, it leaves fresh, dewy skin. It's lightweight and it moisturizes without having a sticky finish. This is our secret for a no-makeup-makeup look.

    Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

    2. It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In product

    Having fabulous hair at the beach is a must for us! This spray is made with natural ingredients that leave your hair very hydrated. Plus, it helps against heat damage so it's a perfect product to add to your daily routine, not only when you're catching some sun. 

    It's a Miracle Hair Product

    3. Wet Brush, Original Detangler Brush

    If you've never tried this brush, you have to run and get it. This brush has been a game changer for us. It detangles without damaging the hair. The Wet BrushIt's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In is our favorite match for glam hair!

    Wet Brush Detangler

    4. 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder - Supergoop

    Retouching our sunscreen throughout the day is essential and we love this powder because it gets the work done! The best part: it's sweat resistant and reduces the shine of the skin. 

    Sunscreen setting powder - Supergoop

    5. Heliocare 360° Color Gel Oil-Free SPF 50+  

    For those days we want a bit more coverage for our skin, we use this sunscreen instead. This doesn't have a sticky finish afterwards, just like the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer-as you can tell this is very important to us! 

    6. PLAY Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 50 with Vitamin C

    If you want a sunscreen that will keep you well protected throughout your day, this is the one! We love how easy it is to apply and plus, it smells amaaazing. 

    7. Tanning Oil with SPF - Sun Bum

    This definitely is our favorite tanning oil of all times. If you are looking for the perfect golden glow and no sunburn, this is the one. It's super hydrating and the smell is the best!

    8. DIOR Lip Glow Lip Balm

    Last but not least, we couldn't forget our all time fave lip balm. This is a must in any of our beach bags, purses, backpacks.. You name it, we'll always have it on us! This lip balm enhances your natural lip color and at the same time moisturizes the lips.

    We hope you liked this short list of our favorite products we take on any beach/pool/boat day and you got some ideas on what to put in your beach pouch!

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