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We interviewed our favorite TikToker: @sincerelymvu

We just got off the phone with @sincerelymvu and she gave us some insights on her TikTok success! Read more to find out her greatest secrets..

For those who don't know her, @sincerelymvu is a Venezuelan Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger living in Miami. She has a +690k TikTok Fam, a +350K Youtube Fam, and a 585K Instagram Fam. 

Read Our Interview With Her Below!

What has been your most successful TikTok and Why?

    "In general, all of the TikToks pranking my parents have been very successful. One that became viral-it even came out on television worldwide-was one were I decorated raw eggs with melted chocolate (as if they were easter eggs), and gave it to my parents. I filmed their reactions as they took a bite of each egg and then the raw yolk and egg white came out. I feel these videos become viral because they make everyone laugh and it's a short video where you will distress from whatever is happening on during your day and get a bit of joy. People tend to connect a lot with my family, especially my dad because his videos are very real and his reactions are very funny." 
    Here are their reactions:


    Well, that was a nasty prank! I would have puked myself. 


    Three essential tips for a great TikTok video:

      1. Good lighting
      2. Good Content
      3. Be yourself
      "This is a very genuine and natural social media-unlike the rest. It's a simple video where you are yourself with no edits, which is what I like about this app."

      TikTok vs Reel? What’s your take?

        "One month ago I would have said TikTok, but now that I gave Reel a try... I'm kind of liking it. I don't prefer one over the other, but I like that there's finally a platform on Instagram that gives you more exposure and shows your content to users that don't follow you. I think this is something we have to take advantage of, but I will not let TikTok aside because nowadays you have to be active in many social media, not stay just with one or be closed to trying something new. Sooo, both :) I recommend that if you like TikTok then try out reel as well! We will have to wait and see what happens if TikTok gets banned."

        Videos with your boyfriend.. More or less engagement?

        "Way more engagement than if it was me alone. It makes it more natural and entertaining. As well as with my dad, users like those types of videos better!"   

        What has been your most embarrassing TikTok to make?

          "The most embarrassing TikTok I've done is one that I made with my boyfriend-it's actually in the TikTok account we have together @mavardi. It is a video where we kissed. When we opened TikTok, we got many new followers which most were totally new and didn't know us. We were by around 600k followers when we posted the video kissing because of one reason or another, our followers thought that we were siblings. We decided to make this video-in a funny way-clarifying that we were not siblings. But it was very embarrassing for me."

          How do you feel about TikTok being banned?

            "I obviously don't want it to get shut down and I'm hopeful that they will not ban it yet. But if they do shut it down, it's okay, we have other platforms to focus in. We can shift more to using YouTube, or Instagram. Plus, we now have Reel which is very similar to the videos we do in TikTok. I'm not happy about it being banned, but it's not the end of the world. We can move on to other social media apps. Who knows if there will be other new platforms very similar to TikTok coming out soon."

            I totally agree! There definitely has to be some other app coming soon that will have the same concept and probably have more advanced features than TikTok has.

            Thank you so much @sincerelymvu for answering our questions! We hope you keep on growing and keep on making us laugh with your pranks. 

            Apply some of her tips on your next TikTok and see how it goes!

            Comment below what has been your most embarrassing TikTok.. Let's laugh together! 

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