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Top 3 Workout Routines To Do From Home

Since we've been quarantined, finding ways to let out stress and raise our endorphins has been one of our main priorities. You + home workout + your favorite swimsuit top = the BEST way!

Here are our top 3 workout routines to do from home:

1. Fitology On The Go:

Memoria Swimwear Earth Bikini Top

Why we love it: two Panamanian sisters started their own 'Fitness Boutique' and came up with amazing toning and cardio classes to get the ultimate #FitBabe bod. They took their classes into their online platform where you get new videos every week! We love their energy, and did an IG Live workout with them a few days back!

2. SoyAnitaFit / ShadowBox212

Memoria Swimwear Earth Bikini Top

Why we love it: Anita is a Venezuelan fitness guru, famous for the shadowbox classes that she gives on IG Live during quarantine! She has a studio called FitboxCaracas and does her routines on ShadowBox212 as well as her own account. If you love cardio and getting in a good sweat, you're in for a treat!

3. Melissa Wood Health:

Memoria Swimwear Earth Bikini Top

Why we love it: if you're on Instagram at all, you've probably heard of @MelissaWoodHealth aka fitness/health guru! Her workout plans are more about low-intensity movements and sculpting, so if cardio is not really your thing, you'll love her workouts!


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