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Tips & Tricks To Get The Best Sun Tan… Safely!

We all love sunny days, and the fact that the sun boosts serotonin levels and produces vitamin D, gives us the perfect excuse to go to the beach and get a beautiful tan every time we can.

Enhance, prolong, and show off a healthy summer glow with these easy-to-follow tips and tricks to get the desired sun-kissed skin look while protecting your skin at the same time.

  • Exfoliate your skin before sun exposure:

The best way to get an even tan outdoors is to previously exfoliate the areas where you plan to get sun exposure. By exfoliating, you are removing dead cells from the uppermost layer of the skin and allowing the fresh skin to appear.

Use your favorite scrub to exfoliate or save some cash by making your own with this simple home recipe: mix brown sugar, oatmeal, and salt and start exfoliating with a dry brush.

Next, take a warm shower and use an exfoliating body cleanser. 

Exfoliating Body Cleanser

  • Wear Sunscreen with high SPF:

Contrary to the beliefs of many tanning enthusiasts, you can achieve a tanned body by wearing sunscreen. In fact, it’ll actually last longer than if you tan all at once and it’ll also extend the time you can spend in the sun.

Choose a sunscreen that protects your skin against UVB and UVA sun rays to prevent you from burning, skin aging and skin cancer.

Opt for a sun protection factor (SPF) 30 or greater, something like Sun Bum Sunscreen that goes up to SPF 70, and remember to apply it half an hour before you go in the sun and re-apply whenever you take a dip.

Sun Bum

- Do not overexpose your skin to sunlight:

The best way to get a healthy sun-kissed skin is to tan in small doses. There’s a tanning cut-off point when your skin can’t physically produce any more melanin, the tanning pigment, so can have a sunburn and subject your skin to the risk of UV damage if you lounge by the water all day.

Expose your skin for no longer than an hour and reapply sunscreen constantly.

You can also try to keep a daily sun exposure routine that’ll allow your body to produce adequate melanin for the next time you tan.

Do not overexpose your skin to sunlight

- Wear sunglasses and a hat:

The skin around your eyes it’s very delicate to UV rays, so you should always wear a pair of sunglasses and a hat to reduce UV intensity and sunburn risk.

You’ll achieve a longer-lasting even tan and your skin will be healthier.

Make sure to only wear sunglasses with a 100% UV protection, like all of the Vysen Eyewear Sunglasses you can find at

Wear sunglasses and a hat

- Avoid Sunbeds:

Tanning beds pump out huge amounts of UVA that increase skin cancer risks by 75%.

So, if you’re looking to get a healthy tan then you shouldn’t fall for the myth peddled by many salons that say they can give you a safe tan with a sunbed.

Be as natural as you can, get some real vitamin E and while you´re at it, some vitamin SEA.

Avoid sunbeds

- Eat Sun-Friendly Foods:

Certain foods are known to boost sun protection as they increase lycopene, the skin’s own SPF by a whopping 33%.

You can find this natural protection benefits on tomatoes and some red and orange fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, carrots, and mangos. Also, papaya and squash help boost melanin, therefore, helping out with your tan.

There are other delicious foods such as dark chocolate that can help protect you against sunburns, and coffee that can help cut your skin cancer risk.

Eat Sun-Friendly Foods

Lastly, remember to give your skin time to repair itself after a day out in the sun and before trekking outdoors again.

Do you know any other secrets to achieve a healthy sun tan? Share them with us in the comments!

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