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This week, we are focusing on HIM!

Swimwear is a trend for men as well...

Fashionable swimsuits are not exclusively for ladies, gentlemen also wear them and there are new tendencies for them to look striking and handsome at the beach.

Although the iconic bikini may not be the way to go for our male customers, we do offer an exclusive selection of shorts of all lengths and styles to pick from, which makes it unacceptable for guys to say they can't find the right swimsuit.

Although it might seem uncommon, men should also understand body types and proportions before shopping for their beach outfits. At Cristalina Swimwear, we offer hand picked, exclusive pieces that suit every type of guy.

The style makes all the difference

If you are a taller lad, the surf-inspired board short might be the right fit for you. However, it you are somewhat shorter, or heavier, you might want to opt for shorter styles, preferably above-the-knee length with elastic waist bands.

If you care to impress and would like to leave little to the imagination, the swim brief can be useful, literally, in keeping it brief. Skin-tight speedo-type briefs have been going on since the 40's! 

The print, still setting tendencies

Like styles, prints have very much to do with swimsuits being flattering for certain body types. If you have one or two pounds more than you feel you should, vertical stripes can make you appear leaner. For a leaner taller lad, floral prints could be the way to go.

Realistic images also have a dedicated public, but if you’re looking for a bolder look than flowers, landscapes or animals are a good option. Color fading alternatives like from clear to dark or vice versa are also a trendy piece of apparel.

Solids are must-haves for men

Although prints are fun and trendy, solids have always been the most popular among men. Red, water green, blue, yellow, and even pink lately have become popular among the male demographic for bathing suits. These bright colors can easily achieve a striking look. 

Fashion is part of Cristalina Store’s ADN

For many years, we have seen the traditionally styled swimsuits. However, fashion and trends are moving forward at a faster pace than ever before and our main goal is to not only keep up but be one step ahead. 

So, for all the guys out there, don't miss out on the chance to get your beach outfit on point!

Shop the best trends at our website and don't miss out on our jaw-dropping sales on men's swimwear!!!

Follow us at @cristalinastore for more fun tips on swimwear!

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