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The Power of the Internet...

A lawyer who was caught on video ranting against Spanish-speaking waiters at a NYC restaurant pays the price. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg has been kicked out of his office space and currently faces a complaint from two elected officials after yelling in a Manhattan restaurant at workers who interacted with him and others in Spanish.

Indeed, the power of the Internet went to work against him with all its might. Minutes after the video went viral, a man named Mark Goldberg started a GoFundMe campaign with the goal of raising $500 to send a mariachi band to Schlossberg's law office. Goldberg also assured that any leftover money would be used to send a taco truck to provide lunch to the attorney's staff.  

After finding out about this tirade, Ross Perlin, co-director of the Endangered Language Alliance stated that NYC "Is the most linguistically diverse city not only in the world but in the history of the world."

And if Schlossberg wanted to speak the city's indigenous language, Perlin said, it wouldn't be English. He'd have to learn the Native American language of Lenape.

Sorry, Aaron. Next time, think twice before being a complete jerk!

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