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The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Finding the right swimsuit can be a whole experience, and even fun one when you're at #BikiniHeaven, but what if we were to tell you that searching for that perfect swimsuit has become so much easier by knowing your body! If you are a fan of our One pieces, or a fearless bikini lover we've got you covered (literally!), so you can feel confident and show your true beauty.


1. Hourglass body

First off, we have the "Curvy" body who, by the obvious name, have curvy hips and thighs, fuller bust, and wider shoulders. Just like the glamorous Marylin Monroe and it is very easy to dress. If you're looking for a two piece bikini, you should look for a triangle or strapless top with print and patterns as they'll highlight the beauty of your body, and a low bottom. Don't be afraid to try something different with our Tabak Tulipan Bikini or  Mafer Pink Bikini.

two piece bikini with one shoulder ruffled detail   

                  Tabak Tulipan Bikini                      Mafer Pink Bikini

2. Strawberry body

With strawberry body, we refer to an inverted triangle, women who have wider shoulders than hips, and most of the time have large busts. To rock your body we recommend wearing a bikini with a high waisted bottom and a V-neck or one-shoulder top with a great grab. At #BikiniHeaven you can find all of these (Duh) in the left we are showing our unique Off Shoulder Short Sleeve Star Bikini. To the right, we have our Earth Bikini (which can be used as a sports bra too!🤪)

   Two piece bikini high waisted can be used as sports bra

 Off Shoulder Star Bikini                            Earth Bikini

3. Rectangular body

Lastly, we have, as others like to call it, the athletic body, women who have straight hips and body lines, with a small bust and little waist definition. For this hot summer, we recommend using tops with ruffles or horizontal lines and lighter colors. For the bikini bottom choose a higher leg cut. If you're looking for one pieces you must go with our Florencia One Piece.

Florencia One Piece. 

The most important thing is for you to feel your true self while using our swimsuits, loving your body and, not comparing to others as each one of us is unique and we should embrace this! Stop by #BikiniHeaven and find your perfect swimsuit for these sunny days!


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