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The Perfect Bikini For Your Body Type

Everybody and every shape it’s beautiful in its own way. So, if you also pair it with the perfect bikini or swimsuit for your body type you’ll feel great in your own skin and everybody will notice your unique glow. If you feel beautiful, you’ll look gorgeous, so rather if you have a small or large bust, a pear shape or an athletic or curvy shape, in Cristalina Swimwear we’ve top picks that’ll fit perfectly in you!

  1. Small Bust

If you want to build up your chest and elongate your frame, go for a top with ruffles or unique embellishments to create an illusion of a larger bust. Your top doesn’t need a lot of support, so you can look for different textures, trendy cut-outs or added details like these 4 trendy styles we’ve in Cristalina Swimwear:

Cristalina Off-the-shoulder solid bikini top

Riri Bikini Top

Meow Bikini Set

Palma Top

2. Large Bust

For your big girls’ support is key. You should opt for swimsuits with thicker straps and underwire cups for extra support, like this Haleakala Crop Bikini Top Zip. Avoid ruffles or loose fabrics on top and look for bold colors and lines for a more structured figure, like the Open Cut Strappy Swimsuit One-Piece or the Cristalina x Bikinidolls Cut-Out Bikini Top. Focus the attention on the waist and you’ll get more flattering results. Run and get the Venice One-Piece Swimsuit for a slimming look.

3. Curvy

If you’re a girl with full top and bottom, you want to get the attention to the curves while covering and holding everything in place, and for that goal, you should look for sexy and practical shapes as asymmetrical swimsuits, sturdy straps, and color-blocking to highlight your hourglass figure while concealing big thighs.

Check out these new arrivals we’ve in store and online in

Chiara Bikini Set by Oye

Carrie One-Piece Swimsuit

Waimea Bay Crop Bikini Top Zip with collar 

Cristalina x Bikinidolls Cut-Out One-Piece

4. Pear Shape

For smaller tops and bigger bottoms, the key is to balance your proportions while drawing the attention to the waist, like the Dylan One-Piece Swimsuit does. Also, look for swimsuits with solid bottoms to get the perfect coverage, like the Renegade Off-Shoulder Black Velvet Bikini Top that has a very comfortable fit. Or, have fun with printed tops or plunging necklines to accentuate the top and minimize the bottom, like you can do with the amazing Beverly One-Piece Swimsuit or the Havana Crop Bikini Top

5. Athletic

If you’re skinny and tight and have a sporty shape, the key to choose the perfect bikini for you is to accentuate your feminine assets and show your hidden curves.

To create a shapelier figure you should look for suits with less coverage. Also, pick a top or bottom with ruffles or embellishments, or go for one-pieces with bright colors and unique cutouts or slashes.

Take a look to one of our top picks from Cristalina Swimwear that we always are asked for, the Cut-Out Bandage One-Piece Swimsuit, the unique Crochet Bikini Top Denim Colorful, the sexy Vixen One-Piece Swimsuit or the unique Rising Sun Strapless One-Piece.

 Tell us, do you have any tips and tricks you use when choosing the perfect bikini?

Share it with us and the #CristalinaLovers in our Instagram @cristalina_swimwear and help a sister out!

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