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The History of the Bikini

Bikinis have come a long way...

Believe it or not bikini's began in the late 1930's, when women began wearing swimwear a bit more revealing, as fabric was rationed during the Second World War. Contrary to popular belief, bathing suits were split into two not because women wanted a sexier look, but due to political and economic instability worldwide. 

How world politics changed the world of fashion forever

Post-war, the world's smallest swimsuit, known as the atome was introduced by French designer Jacques Heim. However, it didn't hold the record for long. In 1947, Parisian engineer Louis Réard introduced an even smaller two-piece, made from 30 inches of fabric, and called it Bikini after the Pacific Ocean site that hosted the first atomic bomb test the previous year, Bikini Atoll. Like many trends, it caused outrage, but after some time became a sensation.

Definitely, some trends are here to stay. More than 70 years after the debut of this popular type of swimwear, Cristalina Store carries the once controversial bikini now in every shape and form. Focusing on key aspects of innovation, style, trends, and details have ensured that our boutique is always up to date with unique pieces. 

Times that defined the trends

The female swimsuit’s evolution throughout history is nothing less than fascinating

In the early 1950's, Bikinis were almost BANNED!

Can you imagine a world without bikinis? We definitely can't! In the 50's European and Mediterranean beaches, as well as Catholic countries tried to ban the bikini. However, Réard continues motivated by thousands of fan letters and releases what was thought to be the most controversial campaign assuring that a bikini is only so if it can be pulled through a wedding ring!

Arriving at the 60’s and 70’s, the bikini gained strength

Now more oriented towards fun and comfort, the colors were lively and the whole world was getting used to the idea of a two-piece bathing suit. Early on in the 60's, Bryan Hyland reinforced the fashion trend with his hit single "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" and not long after it was on the cover of the first James Bond film and Playboy magazine.

The 80's kept the trend alive

In 1983 no other than Carrie Fisher, who plays Princess Leia in one of the biggest films of all times, Star Wars, wears the bikini...OFF THE BEACH! 

Even though the late 80's were the last years of Réard's company, the bikini's popularity increases and they grow smaller than ever as G-strings become a hit.

The 2000's

The years that followed up to this day have been nothing but a constant evolution of the adored bikini. New styles, cuts, designs, details. From Charlie's Angels to Sport's Illustrated, the bikini is everywhere!

How has this evolution process served to inspire The Cristalina Team?

Trends come and go, and then come back! The history of the bikini inspires us when handpicking the most exclusive styles for our customers that best fit their bodies and evoke the best times in history.

Currently, Cristalina has a selection of every style that has been on trend during the history of the bikini, ranging in bottoms from side tie skimpy to banded full coverage and in tops from triangle to halters. 

In our website, you can choose the perfect bikini that will give the comfort and confidence that you need to feel like a mermaid and continue making history!

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