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The Easiest Hairstyles to Wear at The Beach


You want your hair to look as awesome as your whole outfit for the Instagram photos you’ll be posting in your next getaway to the beach, but with the sun and windy shoreline, that can be a little hard.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the easiest, beach-approved hairstyles that’ll keep you cool and gorgeous all day! They won’t feel too hot or sticky so you can focus only looking effortlessly great.

1- French braids:

The Easiest Hairstyles to Wear at The Beach

Forget about the standard braid and try out french braiding your hair instead. It’s an easy hairstyle that will keep your hair in place, nice and neat, so you don’t have to worry about unruly knots and tangles or getting annoying frizziness.

2- Scarfed:  

The Easiest Hairstyles to Wear at The Beach

Give your basic beach hairstyle a twist by adding a cute scarf around it! You’ll get an edgy look with a boho feel, and you’ll also be protecting your hair from the sun rays. Also, the perfect pop of color to hold your style in place when it gets windy.

 3- Double bun: 

The Easiest Hairstyles to Wear at The Beach

A cool girl style that’s perfect for the beach or the pool! You don’t have to worry about crazy hair when everything it’s held in not one but two cute buns. Just add some cute accessory and you’ll look amazing without putting too much effort into your hairstyle.

4- Baseball cap:


The Easiest Hairstyles to Wear at The Beach

Keep your beautiful hair protected from the UV rays and look trendy at the same time by just throwing on a cool baseball hat. It’ll control your hair of those windy situations and it’ll keep it away from your face, so you can match it with a huge pair of sunnies!

Take a look at our own collection of hats for the beach: 

5- Fishtail braids: 

The Easiest Hairstyles to Wear at The Beach

Be a mermaid with this beautiful combination of girly and messy! Fishtail braids are easier than you’d think, just find the right tutorial and you’ll get some Insta-worthy photos with this ‘do to wear at the beach.

Don’t let the fear of messy hair stop you from having unforgettable times at the beach! Just choose your favorite easy hairstyle and start posting photos. Tag us on Instagram (@Cristalina_Swimwear) so we can repost!

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