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Emily in Paris Obsession: We recreated 5 looks, swimsuit-version

Obsessing over Emily in Paris? Well, it's currently the most fashionable TV show of the moment, so clearly, we're obsessed too! We took it upon ourselves to match 5 looks from the show (obviously, swimsuit version of the looks). Check them out...


1. We are totally in love with the gingham trend, which is why we recreated Lilly Collins' gingham jacket and short with an open-back one piece swimsuit.

Shop the Scotch Dream One Piece Swimsuit

2. Up next, we matched Lilly Collins wearing a floral dress with a jacket over it, with a blue and white printed bikini and a white long sleeved kimono to throw over.

Shop the Cross Estampa Barroco Bikini Top

Shop the Off White Solid Kimono 

3. All Neon Looks are very in-style, so we matched our favorite Pink Neon Bikini to Emily's hot pink jacket look. Oh, and this bikini, as is the jacket in the photo, is one-size-fits-all and super comfy.


Shop the Sardinia Bikini

4, Anything with a Paisley (Bandana) Print is always a good idea, specially after seeing it on Emily in the show. We've matched this yellow bandana dress with a black belted detail to a yellow and black one piece (that comes in a bikini version, too).

Shop the Empower Yourself Bikini

Shop the Motivate Yourself One Piece Swimsuit

5. A black and white style is a must-have in your closet. Plus, we found a bikini top just like Lilly Collins wore it: with floral embroidered details, ready to pair with your favorite high-waisted beach pants.

Shop the Miri White Bikini 

Shop the Calca Bell Renda Preto Pants 

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