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Six Essential Tips to Glam Up Your Dinner Table

Having some people over for a nice dinner? We've got 6 quick tips that will have your guests' jaws dropping. 

  • First, pick a theme or color palette for the night!
This is very important to keep a coordination throughout all your table setting. 
Some ideas could be:
    • Mexican Night - Go all out with colors for your special Taco Night! Add mini decorative hats to your table.
    • Flower Power - Add flowers everywhere on your table, paired with a pastel color palette for decorations.  
    • Bohemian Night - For this, you need some vintage vibes, place some boho cushions and lots of rugs and candles. Choose a nude color palette; lots of brown and beige.
    • Italian Dinner - Place a gingham mat and choose sunflowers to place as centerpieces. Buy your favorite wine and your dinner is just about ready!
    • Sushi Night - Use black and red for decorations, and don't forget to buy some reusable Fiberglass Chopsticks
    • Choose your flowers and a cool vase
    A cute and fun display for your fresh flowers is a must! Here is a unique idea for your vase to place as a centerpiece:
      • One of our most essential tips is a statement place mat!
      This will catch the attention of everyone and add a touch to your whole table setting. 
      • Get Creative, don’t be afraid to play with different prints of the same tones!
      Textures and prints add class and personality to your dinner table. 
        • Make every guest feel special.
        Get them personalized name tags for an extra special detail! 
        • Cute napkin presentation is a must! 
        Here is a nice and easy napkin design to place on your plates and add the last touch to your table:
            Try out these tips on your next special dinner and see how well it will come out! Leave your thoughts or any more cute ides to add on to the list in the comments below. 
            Enjoy your meal, have fun, and stay safe! :)

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