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Our Top 5 Swimsuit Trend Predictions for 2020

Swimsuit trends keep surprising us, and long gone are the days of simple tie side bikinis and triangle tops. Now, more is definitely more in the world of swimwear. After giving it some thought, here are our top 5 swimsuit trend predictions for this new year:

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

We say this in-store to our clients at least once a day: “If you don’t own a high waisted bikini yet, it’s time you do.” This trend adds definition to your waist and gives the illusion of curves at the hips (which is why it is perfect for straight-shaped body types). Also, more fabric in the tummy area helps keep everything in place! Keep in mind that high waisted bottoms are way more flattering for girls with longer torsos (if you have a short torso, there will be no gap between top and bottom, which you should avoid!)

The Henley High Waisted Bikini

Henley High Waisted Bikini

High Rise One Piece Swimsuits

Although this trend has been around for a while (since the 90’s), it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. At first, not every girl that walked into our fitting room was comfortable with a high cut style. However, our clients soon realized that a high rise swimsuit elongates and lengthens the legs, shows off curves, and is actually really flattering for most body types. If you haven’t already done so, you should really consider getting on board the trend that was started by Baywatch and currently continued by the Kardashians!

deep v one piece swimsuit

Deep V High Rise One Piece Swimsuit

Prints, prints, prints!

Long gone are the days of solid unprinted swimsuits. Even our “I only wear black” customers have converted and are going for swimsuits with brighter colors and tropical prints. Don’t know if it’s the fact that Colombian brands have taken over the Industry (and are creating Cartagena-inspired fabrics) or that beach apparel has become a bigger part of the fashion industry within the last few years, but nobody seems to want to go unnoticed at the beach (and prints are the best way to ensure that!)

Ocean Corals Bikini


Whether it’s part of a swimsuit or a separate accessory, belts are definitely having a moment. Don’t take our world for it, Harpers Bazaar predicts that belted swimwear is set to be the beach-side silhouette of the summer.

Quinn Belted Bikini

Matching Sets

If you follow us on Instagram (@cristalina_swimwear) you already know that our biggest obsession/prediction for 2020 trends are matching sets. Nothing really beats a bikini or one piece that has a kimono, skirt or dress to go with it. Why? Because we don’t just pop up at the beach, we actually need to get there, and what we wear while we do is as important!

Kahouanne Matching Bikini + Skirt Set

Do you agree with our top 5 predictions? If not, comment a few of your own…

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