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The truth behind every embroidered quote in our ‘LOVE ME, LOVE ME NOT’ Valentines Collection
If you’re a #CristalinaLover, and part of our #InstaFam, you already know that we’ve been working hand in hand with the #LongoLadies for a while now. If you don’t know them yet (or haven’t seen them all over our instagram feed), here’s a brief intro: They are mom (Caro) and daughters (Dani and Alessandra) who started out as great clients, and in no time became our close friends and business partners.
We’ve worked together on shoots, try on hauls, giveaways, and every possible kind of content you can think of. This time, we joined forces for a limited Valentines Day Collection: ‘Love Me, Love me Not.’ 2 different styles and 6 different embroidered quotes to choose from. Oh, and here’s a little confession: Each quote has a real-life meaning behind it, based on a personal experience that each of us has had in love and life.
These are the suits, the quotes, and the story behind them. Each story is written by someone who is important part of the collaboration, but we’ll keep it anonymous.


This swimsuit is inspired in a super intense previous relationship. One where the guy almost thought he had ownership over me. He wanted to control everything: From what nail polish color I wore, to the length of my dresses, to the friends I should or should not have. Until one day I decided I was my own babe before I was anyone else’s.

Constantly, Consistently, Continually,You.

This swimsuit was inspired in a life-time relationship that seems to be taken out of a movie. We’ve always wondered, how do they do it? If there’s a definition of couples goals in the dictionary, they would be it.  We are not married yet, but we constantly joke about "them" setting the bar way too high for us. However, deep down we are dreaming of being lucky enough to have a relationship like that. When we asked, our dad told us that the key to that strong relationship we admire so much, is choosing to love your partner every day. Love is a decision and it must be constant. Consistency is not about how long you last without falling apart, but about how fast you put the pieces together and continue going. This quote is about choosing to continually love your partner no matter what.


Love doesn’t exist without feeling the risk of potentially having your heart broken. But have you ever experienced breaking someones heart? This swimsuit was inspired in a relationship where I broke his heart. Sometimes, you care so much about someone, even if you don't love them anymore, that you rather break your heart before his. I waited so long to tell him, trying to find the “perfect moment” (which FYI, doesn’t exist) that the truth and the awkward conversation exploded in the middle of an 8 hour flight because he found a letter on my notes where I wrote how I felt about the relationship. Reminder, never delay feelings, they might explode in the worst moment possible. 

As wild as the ocean

This quote is a way to remember the first time I experienced I wild explosive relationship, and all in the best way possible. It is one of those relationships that arrives to your life when you least expect it, and turns everything upside down. Because sometimes, that’s all you need: a love as wild as the ocean, a relationship that just makes you feel like you are on vacation. A relationship so wild that makes you forget what day it is, what time it is or what you need to do. It's when you can’t seem to take your hands off each other. A love so wild that your heart races as strong as the waves of the sea. A love that sets you soul wildly free, just like the ocean. I just hope you get to enjoy a love “As wild as the Ocean” 

A veces no, A besos si.

This quote is simply based on something that I want to live by with my partner today and always: everything can be resolved “a besos.” 

It’s not me, it’s you.

The relationship became so toxic that he made me think that it was all me. That I was wrong to go out with my friends, that I was wrong to choose my family over him at any moment, that I was wrong to aspire for a career, and that I was wrong simply to think that a decision could be made without his consent. Worst part was, I believed it. I became so insecure, that I really thought I was wrong, and that it was all me. Looking back on that very toxic relationship, the one thing that I should have said from the very beginning was: it’s not me, it’s you.”

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