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Looking for the Perfect Swimsuit?

Recent fashion trends prove that swimsuits are no longer a simple accessory and have become a stylish piece of apparel, one that you cannot be missing in your closet.
This wide variety of styles, proposals and models allow you to feel striking and amazing when it’s time to go the beach. 
The evolution of the swimsuit models has been really overwhelming. They have become a fashion statement within the fashion world, and the ladies are choosing unique and different pieces over the traditional or simple ones. 
The one piece style is here to stay
The classic two-piece swimsuit is still relevant, but there’s a current boom for the one piece, and they have become an indispensable part of the female wardrobe.
The one piece is versatile and trendy, and can be used outside the beach scenario as a bodysuit combined with a flowy long skirt or tight pants and heels depending on the occasion. 
Showcasing the perfect silhouette
You have to make the most out of your body’s anatomy, and the one piece is the perfect way to do so! Regardless of your body type, the magic of the one piece is that it will always be flattering and you can play around with different styles to accentuate your features and highlight your silhouette: open back, high waisted, strapless...options are endless! 
Indeed, fashions come and go, but there are tendencies that go back in style after some time has passed. The one piece is a great option to give a fresh and comfortable alternative to your body.
At Cristalina Store, we have everything you need (from swimsuits to accessories) for your body to shine and look it's best when it’s beach time!
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See you in our next edition!

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