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How To Pack The Perfect Beach Bag

Going to the beach is one of our favorite things to do, wearing your fave swimwear, with the perfect cover ups, tanning, enjoying time with your friends and family ( or just by yourself because we all need that sometimes), and that unique ocean air. To have a day as good as this, you need to bring the basics, and we are here to help you to pack that beach bag.

1. Picking the right bag

You'll need a lightweight and roomy bag that will fit all of your belongings and cover-ups, this will help you look for the things you need instead of stressing out about thinking you forgot them back home. If you are going by yourself and don't need as much space, we truly recommend the unique Gold Backpack. If you are looking for a bigger one we have to go with the MZ Wallace Medium Metro Tote, which meets all of our requirements while making a fashion statement. Any of them will look great with your swimwear. 

 2.  Sunscreen

We know sunburn is no fun, so the first thing you have to pack is sunscreen, but with so many options we are here to make your life simpler by recommending our faves. The extra touch you can give your swimsuit is having glowing skin, to achieve this you should use Sun Bum Browning & Tanning Lotion. If you are looking to try something new we are here to share a little secret, our fave Organic Coconut Oil by Conscious Coconut, which has endless uses, such as sunscreen, hair leave-in conditioner, teeth whitener, and it is completely free of artificial ingredients (*adds to cart*), a true bottle size miracle.


3. Hair Products

Beach Waves looks great on everyone, but the salty water and the sun can damage your mane, especially if it has been color-treated, so you should give it its right treatment. The Ouai oil protects you from UV damage and will help you fight that after ocean freeze.  To untangle your hair and get the most benefits It's a 10 leave-in conditioner, its a true miracle and will leave your hair as beautiful as ever.

4. Zip Waterproof Pouch

For the smaller and valuable items, you bring to the beach and don't want to wrap it around your cover-up (as some of us do 🥴) you should definitely have it near you for when you are leaving your belongings and going to the ocean or pool. Our Rectangular Pouch is a fashion yet very useful zip pouch that will protect your belongings inside your bag. 

5. The fun!

We mentioned the things you CAN NOT go to the beach without, they are must and truly our favorites after trying many different brands on every section. But there are still things you might want to bring such as your sunglasses, a fun book, waterproof speakers, a water bottle, and a few snacks that you can't go wrong with!

All of these will make your day at the beach much simpler so the only thing you need to worry about is for which is the right swimsuit to wear and with which cover up to wear it with! 

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