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Here’s How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body


Looking for workout inspo? Tired of paying your monthly gym subscription and spending on insanely ridiculous personal trainer fees? Well, we’ve got you covered (actually, Instagram has got you covered). We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Instagram fitness gurus who will give you some of the easiest and most effective routines and ideas to mix up your training. Whether you’re a beginner, or already a fitness junkie, we know you’ll benefit from following these accounts:

1. Clara Divano: @CusiFit
Clara Divano, also known as CusiFit, is one of our favorite Venezuelan fitness experts that loves to share didactic videos on Instagram (@CusiFit) with exercise routines, tips, and advice on how to stay in shape and live as healthy as possible.

Clara makes super creative routines that are not only fun and different but also very easy to follow. And the best thing is that you can do these exercises at home! No need to sign up for a gym. 

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

Just warm up with an imaginary jump rope for 5 to 8 minutes and start off with 2 sets of inverted planks. This exercise will strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest, abs, butt, and legs.

Follow @CusiFit if you’re looking for inspiration, daily tips to start living a healthy lifestyle and the most creative workouts routines like using your BED as a training tool!!

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

There are no excuses to not start exercising. This fun routine can be made on the bed while you are Keeping up with the Kardashians and strengthening your core area: put yourself on the edge of the bed, raise a leg until you feel a tension in your buttocks and make 20 reps with each leg.

2. Kayla Itsines: @kayla_itsines

Kayla is the Bikini Body Trainer that will guide you to incorporate fitness routines to every type of busy lifestyle. She has the abs to get you inspired and she constantly posts before-and-after pictures of her followers that can ensure you that her training methods actually work!

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

This Australian personal trainer is the one to follow if you want to get quickly motivated by the simple workout programs she shares and get the bikini body you’ve been looking for in only 12 weeks!

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

Kayla is also known for creating routines that you can recreate at home.

To get toned arms just look out for a chair and start doing:

- 20 reps per leg of knee ups

- 15 Decline push-ups

- 20 Raised leg sit-ups

- 40 Decline mountain climbers

- 15 Incline push-ups

- 15 Tricep Dips

Learn how to make this routine by checking out her workout app named Sweat with Kayla or follow her on Instagram @kayla_itsines

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

If you’re at the gym you can get amazing abs with this routine: 20 reps of hanging leg raises and change it up a little between each series. Try to lift up your body and move your legs to different sides.

3. Robin Arzon: @RobinNYC

Get That Bikini Body

Robin Arzon is a former lawyer who left her successful career to become a fitness trainer, an athlete's coach, and a spin instructor. She’s now Vice President of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor at Peloton and she’s constantly motivating all of her followers to start moving and getting into the fitness mindset.

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

Robin posts about pounding the pavement in almost every city she visits.

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

For this specific workout routine Robin did a 3-mile run and then she hit the gym for some deadlifts, squats, thrusters, and burpees. Definitely a workout session for a Bikini Body!

How Instagram Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

If you’re used to training hard then you can try out this workout.

Keep the balance of your body weight and that will get you insane abs.

Follow Robin and you’ll be as excited as she always is to live life to the fullest with positive energy!

 4. Bec Donlan: @SweatWithBec

We Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

If you’re looking for booty gains then you need to run and follow Bec! She’s known as the designer of derrieres for a reason, and that’s because she has created a series of workout routines that are challenging and effective.

The Bikini Body

Try out Bec’s routines that requires just one training tool: a rubber band.

Place it on your feet and just do:

- 15 reps of Kickbacks with each leg

- 20 reps of Pulses with each leg

- 15 reps of Oblique Crunch with each leg

- 25 reps of Ab roll outs with each leg

The Bikini Body

Donlan will encourage you to set realistic goals and get the best out of your workout with easy-to-follow routines and healthy nutrition tips.

We Can Help You Get That Bikini Body

The fun thing about training with Bec’s method is that you can follow her routines at home or while you travel.

Try this exercise for killer arms:

 - 30 sec per single arm lat pulldown

- 30 sex per lat pulse

- 30 sec per single arm row

- 30 sec per tricep pulldown

- 30 sex bicep curl

5. Amanda Kloots: @AmandaKloots


Amanda is a former Broadway dancer and she’s now a celebrity trainer. Her inspirational attitude will make you smile through your workout session.


She’s also known for developing a jump rope method to get a killer Bikini Body in a quick and easy way. She mixes dancing and cross-training for her classes so you get a fun workout session that’ll make you sweat fast.


Try out this fun routine. All you need is a rope to start alternating between one and two leg jumps. 


You still have time to get that Bikini Body before summer, so get moving, follow these fitness gurus and get motivated to start doing fun (and easy) workouts routines!  

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