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Here’s How Celebrities Are Rocking Swimsuits Outside The Beach


The next time you ask yourself if you really need to change your complete outfit when leaving the beach to go on a date, you should first check what your favorite celebrities are doing, like Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus and, Bella Thorne.

Believe or not, these women all have one thing in common, -crazy, right?-, and it is that they lately have decided to rock their swimsuit (whether it’s a bikini or one-piece) on the streets, outside the beach.

The desire of a endless summer is real. That’s why we’re sharing how you can replicate these effortless, quick-to-style trends so you get inspired to create your own awesome looks that work great on the beach or even offshore throughout the whole year.

Bella Hadid

The beautiful high-fashion model Bella Hadid was spotted by paparazzi in Paris when she dressed-up a tiny bikini top with a denim look and some unique eye-catching accessories.

This bold look can be recreated in so many cool ways! Just pick your favorite bandeau bikini top in a solid color, like the Kenya Bikini Top and get creative with jeans, shorts, skirts or some loose pants.

Kenya Sports Luxe Bikini Top by Melissa Odabash

Kenya Sports Luxe Bikini Top by Melissa Odabash

Kenya Sports Luxe Bikini Top by Melissa Odabash

Apparently, Bella had packed lots of bikinis to her trip to Paris, because during the same week that she was spotted stepping out of her hotel wearing a bandeau top, she also was seen with a totally impressive styling of a different black bikini top with an outfit you can’t miss.

Steal this look with a black triangle bikini top with a metal detail, like the Monte Carlo Bikini Top

Monte Carlo Bikini Top

Monte Carlo Bikini Top by Zingiber 

Although it is more than clear that Bella Thorne doesn’t like playing it safe, we can’t stop being amazed by how fearless she can be when creating her own outfits.

The actress and singer were seen going to a dinner date wearing a bikini top and nothing else that covered her upper part.

Monte Carlo Bikini Top

So, if you’re feeling like trying out something fun and different to show off your abs, choose to rock the Maya Bikini Top, a triangle bikini top in a unique, violet, metallic, color.


Maya Bikini Top by Seaskape

We can’t stop and we won’t stop loving how Miley Cyrus styled a super sexy one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline, like the Dylan One-Piece with a pair of shorts and a leopard necklace. Totally fearless!

Miley Cirus

Dylan One Piece Swimsuit by Kopper & Zink

Dylan One Piece Swimsuit by Kopper & Zink

Now go ahead, look out your favorite swimsuits and start creating celeb-outfits to wear at the beach and offshore!

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