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Gift ideas under $100

We know gifting isn't always easy, but we've got you covered! Here's a list of 9 cute gifts for under $100 - by the way, we've got free shipping & returns, so no need to spend more!

Saju Microfiber Towel

This unisex towel is a super cool gift for anyone, because who doesn't love going to the beach and throwing a lightweight towel in their bag? Plus, this towel is sand free, quick dry, and takes up little space in your beach tote!

Beach and Beyond Pouch

The hand embroidered, beaded clutch is an amazing gift. It adds a colorful touch to anyone's look and it's the most fashionable way to store make up, sunscreen, cash and your phone. Also, this pouch fits in almost every beach tote, so it helps you keep your stuff organized.

Mesh Short Dress

This is a statement, classic must-have cover up beach dress. It is made out of mesh, for a see through illusion. This short dress features an off shoulder detail, has asymmetrical length, and it is perfect to throw over any bathing suit. You can always count on looking cute and classy with this beach cover up.

Clichy Lara Bikini Top & Clichy Milan Bikini Bottom 

One of our best-sellers for less than $100 (yup, seems too good to be true). This bikini features a triangle bikini top, that has a soft, comfy fabric and good support. The bikini bottom is tie side, for adjustability, with the cutest tassels hanging from the strings. The best part? It's reversible, so you get 2 bikini sets for the price of 1.

Sport Visor

This sun visor is a favorite for many, and it sells out really fast! Available in different color ways, our classic sport visor is made from a premium stretchy material that adapts to your head and you can literally add it to any look for a sporty twist, and most importantly, sun protection. 

Sophia Hat

Another option for sun protection, and as a way of glamming up your beach outfit, is a statement beach hat. The Sophia hat features full face coverage, with a floppy design for glam, and it adds a touch of elegance to any beach look. Also, this hat is perfect to carry, as it does not easily loose its shape. To check out more hat options, mostly under $100, click here.

Kahki Straw Tote

A nice, hand-embroidered beach tote is a statement piece that can never go wrong. We chose this one because it features neutral colors, and a fun beachy design, that can go with any bikini, one piece swimsuit and beach dress. 

Beach Baby Pouch

"I have too many beach pouches" - Said no one ever! You can never really go wrong with a pouch, because let's face it, we can always use extra storage. Our beach pouch is pink, cute, hand embroidered and made for towel material, which is perfect for the beach, pool, or boat. It also features a fun round pom-pom at the end of the zipper.

Baby Evil Eye

This handmade, unisex bracelet is carefully crafted using a beadwork technique in which seeds are woven together using thread to create the illusion of a flat fabric. It features the evil eye, which is why it can be used as a protective amulet. Many cultures believe that the evil eye is a talisman created to protect against the misfortune or injury that a person can receive through the eye of a jealous person. This gift is cute, and also really meaningful. 

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