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Get The Swimsuit Look From Your Fave Celebrities

Celebs have been rocking their quarantine bodies at beaches and pools around the world, showing us their amazing swimsuits, cover ups and bodies, by going to our fave places (besides #BikiniHeaven)! As beaches start to re-open all over the US we are here to bring you the swimsuits your fave celebs are wearing!  

 celebrities in bikinis and one piece

1.  Hailey Bieber

Gorgeous Hailey Bibs celebrating Earth Day back on April 22nd, wearing a blue two-piece bikini, just like our Positano Textura Bikini, which its simplicity lets you highlight your body and the color blue looks great with any skin tone, and any cover up!

 two piece bikini blue

Positano Textura Bikini


 2. Kate Hudson

Kate looks as beautiful as ever, wearing a bright yellow strapless bikini, bringing back a swimwear trend with a basic bikini, but with a twist of bright colors, just like our Carmen Bikini, make sure to use this color once you get tanned or have a darker skin tone so you can take full advantage of the color.

  yellow strapless bikni

                 Carmen Bikini


3. Christina Aguilera

Timeless as always, Christina posted this picture back in May with a beautiful black lace one-piece swimsuit that still shows her beautiful body, and it's a great fit for any type of body, that will make you look as amazing as her. Just like our Reversible One Piece, which as a plus you get two swimsuits in one, on one side you get a solid one-piece black swimsuit, and when inside out you have solid coral one piece.

   reversible black one piece with lace 

Reversible One Piece   


4. Kylie Jenner

Lastly, we have babe K enjoying a sunny day at the pool with a neon green two-piece bikini, which might look familiar to you as it has been a fave at #BikiniHeaven, the Low Rise Neon Bikini. It's no secret that Kylie has great fashion taste.


Low Rise Neon Bikini             

You can slay all of these and more swimwear near you at Cristalina Aventura and now Cristalina Key Biscayne, or just a click away to shop online, with free shipping in the US!      

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