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Five kind-of-naughty, fun things to do on Valentine’s Day

Let's spice it up (just a little) this Valentine's Day with a few at-home, fun games with your date. 
  1. Valentine's scavenger hunt: Buy a special, meaningful gift for your partner and make it even more fun and meaningful for him (or her) to find that gift. Leave little clues all over, and each clue should lead to the next. For example, where we first kissed, where we had our first date, or somewhere sexier (you get creative)...
  2. Blindfolded food/cocktail tasting: Make a few of your own cocktails and blindfold your partner while he tastes each one of them and guesses what each drink has in it. For every correct guess, he gets points that add up to a final prize. What that final prize is, you decide. ;)
  3. A this or that try-on session (lingerie edition): Buy a few lingerie looks online and do a try-on session just for him. Gift is he gets to choose what you can keep or return.
  4. "Would you rather" (bedroom edition): Pamper your partner with some of your favorite things. For example: Would you rather a steamy hot shower or a warm relaxing bubble bath? Whatever they choose, is what you get to do that night. Get creative!
  5. Dress Up Movie Night:  Make your own movie theater at home and spice things up by dressing up as your favorite characters from the movie you'll be watching. Buy some pop corn disposable cups, big cups with soda, your favorite chocolate/movie theater candy, nachos and cheese and everything else that you would get at a movie night out. A few sexy/romantic ideas: The Notebook, Grease, Bonnie and Clyde...

We hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day! Let us know your thoughts on these fun games and if you have more ideas, comment below!

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