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Emily Ratajkowski Inspired Swimsuit Styles

Emily Ratajkowski Inspired Swimsuit Styles

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to hit the gym, take care of our diet, and of course, try out some new swimsuit styles.

Based on our research (we’ve simply stalked the bikini grams of our favorite insta celebrity, hottie Emily Ratajkowski) we have some amazing tips on what’s trendy and which styles you should try out for this summer.

Find very similar looks to each of Emily’s outfits on Cristalina Swimwear. These are the top swimsuits you need this summer:

  • White bikini top with front cutout detail:

White bikini top with front cutout

Chase Bikini Top

Chase Bikini Top: $100.00

  • Merrow Edge Crop Bikini Top:
Merrow edge crop bikini top:

Forget me not bikini top

Forget me not bikini top: $65.00

  • One-Piece Swimsuit in a Bright Warm Color:
One-Piece Swimsuit in a Bright Warm Color

Thais One-Piece Swimsuit: $154.00

One-Piece Cristalina Swimwear

  • Sporty White Bikini:
Sporty White Bikini

Sporty Bikini Ribbed Top: $100.00

Sporty Bikini Ribbed Top1

  • Ruffled Overlay Off-The-Shoulder:
Ruffled Overlay Off-The-Shoulder

Cristalina Off-The-Shoulder: $100.00

Cristalina Off-The-Shoulder: $100.00

  • Crew Neck Bikini Top:
Crew Neck Bikini Top

Emmy Bikini Tank Top: $112.00

Emmy Bikini Tank Top

  • Shirring Stretch Bikini Top:
Shirring Stretch Bikini Top

Palma Bikini Top: $49.00

Palma Bikini Top

Now you can be a worldwide model (or at least wear a swimsuit just like her and pretend you’ve just come up with these outfit ideas). We’ll keep your secret!

Just remember to tag us in your Instagram posts @Cristalina_Swimwear so we can repost you! You’ll surely make some more fans, who knows?

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