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#CristalinaLovers Share Traumatizing Date Experiences

Nothing funnier than a few traumatizing date experiences...

Last week we started a fun little game of Truth or Dare on our instagram stories. It was really simple (and incredibly fun). We invited blogger babes and BFF’s @kasalmen and @itsmemariasee and we asked them some personal questions (check out our ‘Truth or Dare’ story highlight to see everything). They had 2 options: answering with the truth, or risking a dare.

One of the questions was about their worst date experience ever (btw, they both shared), and then we asked our #CristalinaLovers who were tuned in to share traumatizing dating experiences as well. These were our top 3 (don’t worry, we’ll keep it anonymous):

1. The pooper:

This guy takes one of our #CristalinaLovers on a first date, and apparently starts feeling a bit sick (or so our #CristalinaLover assumed). The guy goes to the bathroom for hours and comes back drenched in sweat as if nothing had happened!

2. A family affair:

This guy takes one of our babes on a first date (after some interesting history, let’s leave it at that) and our #CristalinaLover ’s entire family shows up at the same restaurant and sits in a near by table!

3. Aaaawkard:

Our #CristalinaLover goes out to dinner with 20 friends (they’re all freshman in college) and a friend brings along a blind date from Tinder. This girl (30, so about 10 years older than everyone else that night) shows up all glammed up and in heels to Waffle House. It was super awkward, she did not speak or understand Spanish and everyone else was Latin, so she could barely understand what was going on!



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