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5 Surprising Body Parts That Need Sunscreen

Have you ever thought of how much attention we put on buying anti-aging lotions, drinking lots of water and even using botox to look young for as long as possible? Yes, we spend hours trying to “fix” our skin yet we disregard the easiest anti-aging prevention method: applying sunscreen daily.

Although we do love a good tan, we’ve recently developed a soft spot for skin care, which is why we want to offer all our babes a free White Girl Sunscreen Lotion this week with your purchase of over $50. Although you might apply sunblock to your face, there are so many spots you may have never thought that needed sunscreen.  These are some of the most common forgotten body parts that need sunscreen (and that you should definitely pay attention to):

1- Hands:

When you’re applying sunscreen to your face and body, you may think there’s some sunscreen left on your hands. Wrong! The reality is that you should also apply it to the top of your hands. This area usually gets lots of exposure to the sun, and if you want young hands for a long time, don’t neglect on this body part.

2- Ears:

Whether you’re protecting your hair from the salty water or just love to enjoy the hot days at the beach with your hair up, you leave your ears exposed to the sun rays. Don’t forget to apply SPF lotion to the top of your ears or you’ll regret it when you’re laying in bed with that itchy sunburned feeling that doesn’t let you lay down.

3- Knees:

Sunny days at the beach may mean physical activities or just relaxing times laying on the towel. In both scenarios, your knees will probably get sun exposure. Remember to apply sunscreen to this crucial crease or you’ll never want to sit or walk again.

4- Feet:

Even if you plan on staying all day into the water, you should protect your feet from the UV rays, because if you decide to take an afternoon beach nap you won’t regret taking care of rubbing this body part before dozing off.

5- Underarms:

If you’re a sports lover, then you probably love to play some volleyball or beach tennis when you’re out in the sun. However, before you hop into showing off your skills, remember to apply some sunscreen on the underarms or the pain will be unbearable. 

As we said, we might be tanning lovers. However, skin care is always more important. To ensure that you’re taking great care of yourself, we’ve decided to offer all babes a FREE White Girl Sunscreen Lotion with any purchase over $50 until 2/30 at We care about your skin, and so should you!

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