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Beach Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of

Beach Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of

Making plans for a day at the beach also means preparing for heat, and it’s important to have some nifty hacks to make long beach days easier and less of a hassle.

We’ve prepared our top beach hacks you’ve probably never thought off that’ll be the solution to your most common vacation woes.

These tips will make you celebrate any beach day the right way!

- Store your phone in a plastic bag:

Use a zip-lock bag to protect your precious phone from sand and water. The touchscreen will still work!

Also, make sure to hide your phone underneath a cap or a towel when you’re not using it to keep it from overheating.

  • Sprinkle baby powder to take off sand faster:

Remove sand from the skin quickly and easily with baby powder. You’ll instantly have silky, sand-free feet and you’ll also smell great!

Store your phone in a plastic bag

Also, you can pop some baby powder into your shoes to absorb sweat and keep your feet from bad smelling.

  • Protect your eyes from harmful sun rays:

Get the most important accessory for the beach that’s incredibly fashionable and also pretty practical to protect your eyes from the sun: Sunglasses!

Vysen Eyewear Sunglasses

Make sure to only wear sunglasses with a 100% UV protection, like all of the Vysen Eyewear Sunglasses you can find at

  • Hide your valuables in places no one will think to look:

Keep your items in an empty pad wrapper, baby’s diaper or in an emptied-out lotion bottle. It might sound ridiculous, but it’ll keep your valuables safe while you’re in the water.

Hide your valuables in places no one will think to look

  • Pack the right type of sunscreen:

Choose a sunscreen that protects your skin against UVB and UVA sun rays to prevent you from burning, skin aging and skin cancer.

Opt for a sun protection factor (SPF) 30 or greater, something like Sun Bum Sunscreen that goes up to 70.

Pack the right type of sunscreen

  • Freeze water balloons to pack into your cooler:

Freeze water balloons to Pack into your cooler

It’s cheaper than ice from the store and you won’t need to stick your hand in cold water just to get your drinks or snacks.

Also, you can have a water balloon fight after they’ve thawed completely!

  • Make aloe vera ice cubes to soothe sunburn:

Before heading out to the beach, make aloe vera ice cubes so they’re ready when you get back. The finished product will be a cool way to relieve your skin.

Even if you don’t get a sunburn, your skin will appreciate a treat to cool down after sunlight exposure.

Make aloe vera ice cubes to soothe sunburn

Which of these beach hacks was your favorite? Do you have any other beach tips and tricks you’d like to share with us? Comment below!

You’ll be feeling something like these after you put these beach hacks to good use: 

Beach Hacks You’ve Never Thought Of

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