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Beach Bags you’ll TOTE-Ally Love

If we say: “beach trip!” or “pool party!” what are your first thoughts on what you need to pack? The most trendy swimsuit, of course!

Then you may think of what you need to accessorize that hot bikini, which could be matching oversized sunglasses or the indispensable sunscreen. It’s all fine until you find yourself looking out for the oldest beach bag in your closet because you have nothing else to carry all your stuff in… and that’s just unacceptable (you can do so much better).

Just picture yourself looking gorgeous in the hottest Cristalina Swimwear bathing suit you own while carrying your stuff in a boring beach bag or in that old reused shopping bag that is barely broken. Those days are over. We can now say we’ve discovered the cutest and fashionable beach totes, the latest collection of the designer Carmen Sol These studded, water resistant, bags come in large or medium sizes. They’re made of High-Quality Italian PVC, smell amazing and we know you’ll tote-ally love them as part of since you’ll stand out any simple bikini or one-piece swimsuit with a complete look. 

If you’re a practical girl who loves to carry all everything in just one beach bag, then the Angelica Large Tote is definitely the top pick for you. This beautiful tote its large enough so you to pack everything from your lipstick to your oversized heart-shaped towel.

    Angelica Large Totte

If you’rem looking for a carry-on beach bag, then you should take a look to the Seba Mid Tote that has room enough for the essentials, and you can tote it off the beach when it’s time to sip mojitos on the pier.



Any of these cool Carmen Sol products includes an eco-friendly dust bag and a matching charm. Find it on our website or check it out in our store in Florida. We guarantee a hot and comfortable look everyone will stare at!

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