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Awkward First Kiss Stories

Do you remember your first kiss as extremely special and romantic or was it definitely awkward? These girls shared with us their own stories of their hilariously weird first kisses and we just can’t handle it! They are too much!!

  • "I spit in his mouth as he went in for the makeout”
I spit in his mouth as he went in for the makeout

    It was the end of sophomore year in high school and one day, my best friend's brother invited both of us to the movies with him and his best friend Daniel.

    My friend and I sat next to each other but Daniel came all the way to the other side to sit next to me. About halfway through the movie, Daniel leaned over and seductively said, 'I'm going to go to the bathroom.' I replied, 'Um, cool?' not knowing why he would need to tell me when he is going to the bathroom. Next thing I know, I get a text from a random number that said, 'It's Daniel, I'm watching the end of Captain America, come watch it with me.' I walked into the next movie theater, sat down by him, and one minute later, the movie was over, so I suggested we go back into the other movie.

    Daniel then grabbed my arm and said, 'Wait, do you want to see my superpower?' I laughed so hard at the cheesy pickup line that I spit in his mouth as he went in for the makeout. As expected, I haven't heard from Daniel since. — Janet

  • “Our noses collided and I was bruised for a week”

  • We were coming home from a walk at a park near his house. We had been hanging out for a while now and he hadn't kissed me. I was pretty confused about that. We were holding hands and all of a sudden he turns and pulls on my hand. I fly towards him and our noses collide. Completely a failed kiss. Then he kissed my nose and finally actually managed to kiss my lips. My nose was bruised for like a week. -Kate.

    • "I decided to go for it but he backed away"
    I decided to go for it but he backed away


    He was so much taller than me so it was nearly impossible to impulsively kiss him, but I decided to go for it. Unfortunately, he had no idea why my face was getting closer to his, so he backed away and I ended up kissing his chin. He didn't try to kiss me again. —Kristin.

  • “He apparently had no idea I was going to kiss him until it happened”
  • He apparently had no idea I was going to kiss him until it happened

    My first kiss was my junior year of high school in my basement with my boyfriend of three weeks. I was growing impatient to have my first kiss, and he seemed like he wasn’t going to be making any moves any time soon, so I decided to kiss him! It was awkward, and I tried to make it obvious by staring at him and moving my face closer, but he apparently had no idea I was going to kiss him until it happened. Now, I just like telling people that I had the balls to kiss him first!. -Michelle.

    • "We never talked again."
    We never talked again

      I didn't have my first kiss until I was a sophomore in high school, much later than most of my friends, so it was something I stressed out about a lot. I didn't date much, or at all until then either. This guy Sam messaged me and asked if I wanted to come over to his house around 2 a.m. or so. I wasn't allowed to go out with anyone at night, so I had to sneak out of my window and walk the three or four blocks to his house and then sneak inside his window. We sat on his bed watching Jimmy Kimmel in silence and then he kissed me. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and it was cottonmouth central. I tried to put all of my friends' advice to practice, but it was just not happening. Soon after, we stopped and I proceeded to jump out of his window, walk home, and then jump back into mine. We never talked at school again." —Jessica.

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