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All About Our #MujerReal Campaign!

We wanted to create a campaign that showcased what a real #CristalinaBabe is, and what better way to do it than with some of our amazing real-life followers and shoppers? We teamed up with stylist Ines Mujica Sheero and photographer @MarcoPhotoshoot to bring it to life! The idea was to reach out to our insta-family and pick 5 different girls (different in age, ethnicity, and body type), glam them up with the help of our fave MUAs @makeupbyele and @katytaurel, and style them in one #CristalinaSwimwear look to bring out the models within them!

We never expected to receive so many replies, and we had to have more than 5 women in the campaign for sure! 11 gorgeous ladies who shared with us their take on being a real woman (#MujerReal): embracing their virtues and flaws, and most importantly, embracing their own bodies.

Being a swimwear boutique, we've seen our share of ladies that are uncomfortable with their bodies trying on swimsuits. We've also seen how the right swimsuit and the right attitude not only empowers them but makes them look and feel good - and that's what we're all about at Cristalina!

We hope you enjoyed this campaign, we had so much fun getting to know our #CristalinaLovers better and showcasing them as what they are: empowered women (and our favorite models, ever!).



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