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5 Reasons To Wear High Waisted Bikinis


Although many women still think that high waisted bikini bottoms are meant for larger body types, it has been five + years since this retro trend has made its way back to runways, beaches, pools, and Instagram, of course. High waisted bottoms are now considered to be of the best bikini styles and a must-have in every girl's bikini drawer.

Here are our 5 top reasons why every woman should wear high waisted bikinis:

1- Maximum Coverage:

High waisted bikinis offer extra coverage, allowing you to feel assured, comfortable, and captivating, while also allowing you to cover up some troubling areas such as heavy sides, a bulky tummy, love handles or big hips.

High Waisted Bikinis

2- Comfortable fit:

If you want to romp around in the ocean without worrying about your bum slipping out, high waisted bikinis are the best option for you. This style is safe, and most importantly comfortable. And the best part: your bikini bottom won’t fall off.

Comfortable Fit, High Waist Bikinis

3- They make you look classy:

Retro fashion is always classy, and this style is definitely the most traditionally feminine suit on the market. If Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe wore it, that means it will forever be an elegant and classic trend.

High Waist Bikinis

High waisted bikinis emphasize your silhouette and each of your curves to make you stand out and flaunt your waist in a classic and vintage look.

4- A-list celebrities are wearing them:

This hot style has now become the first choice for all the top celebs all around the world, giving them style, comfort, and allowing them to post photos that with a swimsuit that accentuates their silhouette.
High Waist Bikinis

While Taylor Swift is so famously known for hiding her belly button underneath a high-waisted bikini, other major A-list celebrities like Beyonce and Kourtney Kardashian, who usually love showing off their abs, are sporting the trend as well.

5- Stylish designs:

High waisted bikinis are all over top magazines nowadays, and you can find multiple options for colors, stylish designs, and unique details that allow you to choose one that suits you and your personality. You can also match a high waisted bottom with a variety of tops.

Stylish designs

Loving this trend? Check out our favorite 5 high waisted bikini bottoms for spring from Cristalina Swimwear:

Zara Sicily High Waisted Bikini BottomZara Sicily High Waisted Bikini Bottom1

San Sebastian Bikini BottomSan Sebastian Bikini Bottom2

Amalie Bikini BottomAmalie Bikini Bottom

Whitney Bikini BottomWhitney Bikini Bottom1

Bardot Bikini BottomBardot Bikini Bottom1

If you feel confident, you will look confident. So go for it! Dare to try this classic trend for your next beach getaway and make sure to tag us on Instagram @Cristalina_Swimwear so we can repost your look!

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