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5 Reasons to NEVER get over Crochet Bikinis

You might be wondering why we haven't been able to get over the crochet bikini trend. Aside from the fact that this adorable knit swim style gives you all the Coachella feelings without actually having to be at Coachella, here are our top 5 reasons to never, ever get over the crochet swimwear trend (specifically, our Marley Club crochet bikini):

1. It is the ultimate "boob enhancer." Most of us find ourselves shopping for a bathing suit for one sole purpose: making our boobs look better. Well, let me tell you ladies that we have a winner! The extra support that comes with the elastic straps gives this top an underwire illusion that turns dropping into a non-issue. Also, the fact that the straps connect the two triangles in the top gives your boobs no room for movement and makes them look firm and perky!

2. The figure-hugging material helps emphasize all (yes, all) of your curves for a look as sexy as it comes.

3. The colorful design not only gives you a summer feeling but will guarantee that you do not go unnoticed.

4. They are perfect for your Instagram photos! Give it a try: post a pic with your crochet bikini and we're willing to bet that likes and comments will be flooding in - even some potential new followers ;)

5. The crochet trend channels the spirit of the seventies and matches the boho-chic style for a Mary-Kate Olsen look. This style represents feminine freedom while making you feel fun and spontaneous.   

Honestly, we think we'll never be able to get over the crochet bikini! Here's where to shop our favorite ones:

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