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5 Head-To-Toe Beach Looks

If you're like us, then you're already trying to put together some amazing beach outfits for as soon as you can safely hit the beach! If there's one thing that we love to do, it's putting together outfits and styling our one piece swimsuits and bikini sets with some unique beach cover ups and accessories to match, and so we decided to put together five head-to-toe Cristalina looks to inspire you (and your cart!).
First up, we have one of our all-time favorite one piece swimsuits: the Blanca One Piece. It's a fan favorite too, because of its ultra-flattering cut (showing off just enough cleavage without making you feel too naked) and, of course, the flower appliques. The 3D flower detailing has pearls that add an extra touch of glamour. The lace-up sides give it a trendy touch as well! And did we mention we love comfy suits? This one has adjustable straps so that it really fits you perfectly.
We love pairing it with a flowy skirt, which will give it a very chic look! In order to keep it trendy as well as chic, we went with the Saia Thassia Estama Star Azul Cover Up which is the perfect mix of both trendy and chic! Its pleating will make you look more stylized and tall, and the side tie detail ensures it fits you like a glove. As for accessories? You know we had to go floral to match with the swimsuit! We chose the Roberta Earrings, which are handmade in Colombia (you know we love handmade items!). They add the perfect glamorous touch without being too over-the-top. You really can't go wrong with this look!
Next up, we wanted to set up a look with the Sporty Amarelo Bikini Set, which is also a fan favorite at Bikini Heaven due to its stylizing cut. Not only is the yellow color to die for, but the white outline makes you look slimmer visually. The high cut bottoms are super flattering and fit every body super well-whether you're curvy or on the leaner side. The top is extremely comfortable, and you'll be safe to go swimming, dancing, riding the banana, and diving into the pool without worrying about anything slipping out.
As for accessories, we had to go with the Vela Earrings because their length adds a super glamorous look instead of your usual studs. They're handmade in Colombia and made from bronze with a 24K gold plated material, which means they won't irritate those with more sensitive earlobes. The perfect cover up for this bikini set? The Yaya Linen Maxi Wrap Skirt! It's a super fresh and airy wrap skirt with a side slit and adjustable straps. It's made out of 100% imported linen, and its quality is superb, meaning that it will last (giving you a lot of options for beach outfits!). 
Now this look is perfect for a summery beach day! This bikini set has to be one of the more unique bikini sets ever: the Martina Ocre Bikini Top and Bottom. We're in love with the brick-red monochrome fabric and the handmade crochet side detailing adds a nice touch that you won't commonly find in bikini sets. However, our favorite part of this bikini top is that it's reversible! You can switch up whether you want to tie it in the front with a v-cut opening, or you can tie it in the back and have the ruched fabric in the front (we honestly can't decide which way we love more!). 
To wear a cover-up with this look, we recommend using one that has wide arm openings because of the puffed sleeves of the bikini top. The perfect one is without a doubt the Andy Linen High Low Tunic Cover Up, because of it's wide and flowy cut. It's a classic tunic with sleek lines and comfy pockets and it includes a sash to accentuate the hips or can be used open for a relaxed look. The pink/mauve linen fabric matches beautifully with the reddish tone of the bikini set! The last touch? The Galia Sunglasses of course! These square, oversized frames add a chic touch to any look (as well as UV-400 protection!), so we had to include them here.
This look is perfect for you if you're a girly girl! It's a super feminine look with a retro feel. Taking the spotlight we have one of our new arrivals (fresh out the oven!): the Cindy One Piece. It's a pink jersey lurex fabric swimsuit that has crochet scallops detailing on the bottom. It comes with adjustable straps that ensure you'll be super comfortable, not to mention it also has removable pads and a cami to give extra hold (so, fuller-chested girls, this one's an excellent pick!). Our favorite part? It comes with a rhinestone belt or gold buckle belt that makes it stand out, adding a glamorous look. 
As for the cover up? We had to choose a classic look that would pair nicely with the vibe of the one-piece swimsuit: the Robe Sixty Renda Vival White Cover Up. It's a long lace mesh robe that you can tie in the front, or let open. To go with our retro-girly-glam look, we needed to finish it off with some statement earrings: the Blooming Statement Leather and Swarovski Crystal Earrings. They're long, handmade earrings made out of leather with a gold metallic finish, with some crystal and stone appliques that make them shine even more.
Last but not least, you know we had to do a star-themed look! We're obsessed with stars (we even have a whole section on the site for just star printed/theme items!). For this look, we're starting off with this to-die-for bikini set: the Estampa Star Azul Bikini Top and Bottom. We're in love with the strappy detailing that adds a completely different cut than your regular, basic, triangle bikini set. The gold metal detailing on the front and back also adds a glamorous touch and the best part is that it won't get tarnished by water and it won't get hot from the sun either! The bottom straps add a stylizing detail that enhances your curves.
We had to pair it with the perfect matching printed bathing suit cover up: the Print Sleveless Stars Maxi Robe with Adjustable Waist. The adjustable waist adds a slimming touch as well, accentuating your curves by cinching your waist. We love using long robes like this one on the beach since it makes you look more dressed up and elegant instead of the basic jean shorts and a t-shirt look. 
As for accessories: we added the Rome Remercado Earrings. We chose to go with a floral style because adding another star item would have been a little over-the-top, and these are the perfect fit. The gold detailing also pairs well with the gold detailing of the bikini set, too. For sunnies, we have the Groda Sunglasses, which are perfect for protecting your eyes and looking stylish. The rounded frames favor all face shapes and the quality of these Vysen sunnies is superior to any you've tried before. The last touch: the Allegra Bracelet. We love this beaded and rhinestone white bracelet (especially since the cover up is short sleeved). 
We hope you enjoyed these looks and are inspired to put together some Cristalina looks of your own for when you can head to the beach!


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