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3 Swimwear brands we’re loving in 2020, and here’s why…

Praia by Dayana Duran:

    Something a little extra and (really) far from basic 😍 This collection is as over-the-top as it gets, and that’s mainly why we love it so much. It’s all about colors, prints, ruffles and most importantly matching sets. Every bikini or one-piece has it’s matching cover-up, which really completes the look.

    Why do we love it? ❤️

    Simply because we love over-the-top matching sets 💁‍♀️ A swimsuit on it’s on is never the same as a swimsuit with a matching skirt or kimono. The entire look really does make all the difference 🙌

    Capittana Swimwear: 

      A Peruvian swimwear brand that represents the strong, confident and independent woman who lives life with passion 💪 It’s all about living the mermaid life and encourages women to basically live life in a bikini.


      Why do we love it? ❤️

      Because is simple, sexy and they make great bikinis and one-piece swimsuits to get a good tan (which is hard to find these days) 🌞 They have underwire, super cute pastel floral prints, crochet details, ruched bottoms, and overall a great comfy fit 🔥

      Empress Brasil:

        Inspired in the Brazilian culture and lifestyle, this brand embraces colors, prints, and overall sexy and skimpy bikini bottoms 😏

         Why do we love it? ❤️ 

        Because it could be described in one word: Elegant ⚡ Amazing confection, super flattering styles and high-quality fabrics (that you can feel) are what this collection is all about. 

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