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10 Reasons your Best Friend is More Important than your Boyfriend!


Celebrating love on Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean having a boyfriend because there’s nothing like the power of women celebrating this day together instead of the usual pressure of finding a date. This V-Day we’re taking a whole new approach by celebrating it with our BFF! Here are 10 reasons your best friend is more important than your boyfriend:

1- Your best friend is the perfect company to go shopping with! She’ll never get bored (no matter how many hours you spend in the fitting room). Most importantly, she will be 100% honest, not just say it looks good so you can pay and leave!

2- Your bestie will love you no matter what. After all, she’s seen you at your worst (possibly post break up crying over a pint of Ben & Jerry’s). So you can show up to her place with your messy hair and the biggest pimple ever and she will still want to hang out.

3- You don’t have to impress your BFF. That’s right, no makeup to hide baggy eyes and no need to wax!

4- She won’t get jealous! That’s right, your bestie will approve of that hot new mini skirt and deep V cleavage you’re planning to wear for a night out. Also, since your relationship isn’t exclusive, you can each have other relationships depending on different interests.

5- Your best friend understands something your boyfriend will never: What it’s like to be a woman. Try complaining to your guy about having the period or being undervalued at work, he’ll just nod and continue to watch the game.

6- You can eat endless carbs without the risk of being judged! In fact, your bestie will take on the calories with you. Order pizza, take out the pint of ice cream and put on your favorite pj ’s for the best Saturday night ever.

7- She doesn’t expect sex! Yes, Netflix and chill can actually happen with your bestie.

8- Forget about pretending you love the idea of spending the night watching sports games. Instead, you can always go back to Mean Girls for the 10th time!

9- You can watch endless Youtube makeup tutorials and practice them on each other.

10- Here’s our favorite reason why your BFF is better than your boyfriend: You can go bikini shopping together all day, everyday (at Cristalina Swimwear, of course!)

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