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10 Nail Art Designs You'll Want To Try For This Summer


With all of the gorgeous swimsuits look you’ll be Instagramming this summer, you’ll need equally IG-worthy nails to complete the pic.

So, if you’re in need of some summer nail art designs inspo, we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 10 nail designs you’ll want to try for this season:

  1. Fruity Cuticles:
Fruity Cuticles

    Basically, all of your favorite fruits are in season during summer. And we think this nail art design is so much cooler than a traditional fruit-inspired mani.

    1. Ocean Waves:
    Ocean Waves


                  Mimic the blue water's waves with a light blue polish.

    1. Ice-Cream Drips:
    Ice-Cream Drips
      1. Multi-colored:

        Don't shy away from color this summer. If you have a lot of nail polish colors to choose from and can't decide on just one, this mani is the way to go.

        5- Flower Power:

         Flower Power

        Draw pastel florals on top of a bold red nail by dotting on each petal, filling it in with polish, and then using a different color for the middle of the flower.

        6- Pink Lemonade:

        Pink Lemonade

        There's nothing more summery than a pink lemonade-inspired manicure. The addition of some white florals softens the look.

        7- Holographic:


        Shiny, holographic polish lives for summer and all of its sunshine. And because a mani like this changes colors in sunlight, it's like having two or three colors on your nail all at once!


        8- Tropical trees:

        Tropical trees

        A super quick and easy way to add summer vibes to your mani is to draw some pretty palm trees.

        9- Color-blocked:


        Pick four colors to paint on each nail in a gradient from light to dark for a similar look to this pink, red, and black combo.

        10- Nautical stripes:

        Nautical stripes

        Over the stars and stripes motif? Rock subtle stripes instead by layering silver, red, and blue over an ivory polish.

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