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10 At-Home Hacks for Everything

We came up with a list of ten random, yet handy hacks to make everyone's life easier!
    1. When draining pasta, instead of pouring the pasta and boiling water into the colander, place the colander inside the pot and drain the water out. Waayyy easier and less messy. 
    2. Whenever you reuse a bottle or a jar and the tag around it leaves a sticky finish, grab eucalyptus essential oil and put it on a cotton ball. Rub the cotton ball around the jar where it is sticky and it will take it all off!
    3. Store avocados in a brown paper bag or in a drawer so they are out of sunlight. If you remove mini stem at the top and it looks bright green, it means it’s ripe and ready to eat.
    4. If you like to have all you pans look as if they were new, we got you covered on how to clean them! Sprinkle baking soda, hot water, and 1/4 cup vinegar on the pan and let the mixture fizz for 20 minutes. This will make it way easier when scrubbing the dirt off the pan. 
    5. Want to have good-smelling clothes with no extra efforts? Put scented liners or an unopened bar of soap in your drawers/cabinets.
    6. When the wick of a candle is very small and you can't reach it, light up the end of a piece of spaghetti. Stick the spaghetti in the candle and then you will be able to turn on the candle without any accidents-like burning your hand.
    7. If your toothpaste bar is getting empty and you can't seem to get out all of it, slide a bobby pin from the end of the tube and push the toothpaste to the top. 
    8. If you are having trouble opening a champagne bottle, wrap a rubber band around the cork and try reopening it. Believe us, it works. Cheers!
    9. Never send unwanted emails every again with this hack! Enable the “Undo Send” feature on your Gmail account. Go to Settings, General tab, and scroll down to the option for your preferred cancellation period. After you send an email, there will be a pop up on the bottom left corner to see the option to undo send.
    10. Tired of having to clean so much after cooking? Place your food on aluminum foil or parchment paper and put it in the oven. You can make fish or chicken and veggies all at once. When you're done, just throw out the paper or foil. 
We hope these hacks helped your day be a bit easier! Let us know if you tried any and if you have any other fun hacks write them down below-- to make our lives a bit better.

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