King Dogma Swimwear

At the very core of what King Dogma stands for is empowerment; a woman that while seductive, magnificent, and convincing dares to be a KING, a ruler and a leader with a rebel within her; worshiping perfection and a well-balanced life, but always willing to sin if the occasion incites her. A woman provoked by the lust of life, which enjoys “The Real Affaire”. A feeling that has allowed her to be her most transparent, honest and provocative self.” – The Designers

Long-time friends and Colombian entrepreneurs Daniela and Natalia founded KING DOGMA in 2016 with the purpose of introducing a bold and elevated concept to the modern swimwear market.

Basing both production and textiles out of Colombia was critical to the designers in terms of quality and social responsibility. Bringing a very personal touch to the hard work and creativity of everyone involved.

This is their undisputable mantra, to empower and break the boundaries of femininity by designing swimwear for women brave enough to make a statement in contemporary silhouettes.