Kara Shelvin Swimwear

Kara Shelvin Swimwar is a French, high-quality brand of designer swimwear for women. Its creator, Claire Matarese, is fascinated by fashion and innovation. This brand was born under the sun of the French Riviera. Basking in an elegant and trendy atmosphere, the brand is famous for its sexy and sophisticated modern designs and stands out for its creativity, featuring both classical and daring models, as well as attention to details and savoir-faire in the selection of fabric and patterns. 

Faithful to the trends of the seasons, the items are also structured and timeless. Indeed, styles from the Kara Shelvin collection are inspired by the self-confident and refined woman. 

In 2016 Claire Matarese discovered a new, ready-to-wear fabric: fish leather. After a year of research, the brand became one of the first swimwear brands to use fish leather in its creations and continuously combines design and traditional know-how selecting new and hard-to-work fabrics. All the fabrics and materials are luxurious and of high quality. Carefully selected, they all come from France or Italy. 

The brand is proud of supporting sustainable development. The fish leather used in its creation is environmentally friendly. It is a by-product of the fishing industry, using raw materials that would not otherwise be used.