Mix and Match Bikini Tops and Bottoms Like a Badass

Maybe your top and bottom are different sizes, or maybe you just want to maximize your swim wardrobe. For both needs, there’s just one simple solution: Mix and match your bikini tops and bottoms!

Not only is it a fun trend, it can also save you some money to wear the same bikini in a bunch of different ways.

Here in Cristalina Swimwear, we sell almost every Bikini in separates, so you can mix and match two different sizes and even two different colors or styles. Basically, it’s limitless!

However, just like coordinating a street style outfit, mastering this mashup takes skill. Learn how to mix and match your bikini tops and bottoms like a badass:

Mix and Match bikini tops and bottoms like a badass

  1. Match the same color: You can never go wrong when pairing up with shades of the same color. If you stick to a monochromatic look, you can be very chic and sexy with a nude or a pink selection.

Get inspired by this mix and match of the Hard Summer Triangle Bikini Top in blush:  with the Rib Tide Skimpy Bikini Bottom in blush.

Rib Tide Bikini Buttom








  1. Match two solid colors: Having a few solid color pieces in your swim wardrobe will allow you to create lots of combinations for all your vacations. Just like how your favorite pair of jeans or solid black pants goes with everything, so does a black or white bikini bottom.

Just imagine the numerous bikini sets you can create with the Ebony Bikini Top  and the Daniela Bikini Bottom

Ebony Bikini Top

  1. Match prints with a solid color: A look that comes off put-together easy is pairing a pattern or print with a solid color, just make sure the color matches with the print (we don’t want to do two different prints).

The Peyton Bikini Top can also easily be mixed and matched with a black bikini bottom, like the Duke Bikini Bottom, or a simple white bottom you already own.

Peyton Bikini Top

  1. Match suits of similar coverage: Pick a top and bottom that have something in common and mix full coverage on top with full coverage on the bottom or skimpy coverage on top with skimpy coverage on the bottom.

Have fun creating ultra hot bikini sets with the Chase Bikini Top and the Bardot Bikini Bottom

Chase Bikini Top in Cream

  1. Create an illusion: To visually lengthen the torso, look for a low-waist bottom. Also, if you mix and match two trends that have one solid color in common, you can create a new style of your own.

Check out this combo you can create with the Cage Bandage Bikini Top and the Crochet off Shoulder Bikini Bottom

Cage Bandage Bikini Top

Mixing and matching can be totally fun because there aren’t hard “rules” to apply. You just want your top and bottom to match and look like a set.

Go and follow these tips and next thing you know you’re mixing and matching like a badass, and getting three and up to four swimsuit sets for the price of one!

Tell us in the comments below about your experience when choosing your favorite separates and making them a unique swimsuit set!


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