Meghan Markle’s Top Travel Essentials


The former actress and soon-to-be Mrs. Prince Harry is no stranger to city-hopping. Markle used to live part-time in Los Angeles while filming in Toronto for the show Suits, and dating Prince Harry in London. With all this traveling, the soon-to-be princess has her travel essentials already packed.

  • Hand Sanitizer:

Although she does not consider herself a germaphobe, Meghan cannot afford to get sick on a plane, which is why she always keeps travel sanitizer. Think about everything we lay our hands on during a flight, from the food tray to the bathroom handle! This is a no-brainer. If you haven’t, get your travel size purell asap.

  • Neosporin:

Markle also avoids germs with this strange yet apparently very effective travel hack: coating the inside of her nostrils with Neosporin. The ointment acts as a germ barrier, and at the same time moisturizes the skin surrounding the nose.

  • Probiotics:

A high strain probiotic can always be found in the makeup kit of the soon-to-be princess. According to Markle, the combination of water and probiotics help you stay healthy, feel good, and fight jet-lag.


  •  A crossbody bag:

A crossbody bag won’t take up too much suitcase space and it’ll actually be a very practical choice to pack for any vacation. Remember, when you’re away you have to opt for functionality. Rather than packing a big heavy tote, you can get away with a smaller crossbody.

A crossbody bag

Meghan recommends choosing a crossbody bag in a neutral color to match most of your outfits so you can repeat and feel comfortable all day.

  • Scarf:

Scarves are a must in Markle’s suitcase, mainly because they double as cashmere blankets that “feel like hugs.” Easy to throw in your purse, Megan assures that a scarf not only keeps her warm but also reminds her of the feel and smell of home.

A scarf is also a great accessory to dress up a simple jeans-and-t-shirt look.


  • Flats:

Comfort comes first, so if you don’t know how many hours you’ll spend out of the hotel while on vacation, you should always pack a cute pair or two of flats with just the right amount cushion. No worse feeling than having to go back to the hotel because your feet couldn’t handle it.


  • Denim short:

There’s no need to buy all new clothes to wear on vacation, you can always pack an everyday piece -like denim shorts- and put on a white button-down shirt and a pair of flats to be vacation ready and casual at the same time.

Denim short

  • Wrap dress:

Meghan shared her ultimate advice on how to dress up without putting too much thought into it, and the only thing you’ll need is a wrap dress that you can also throw on top of your swimsuit for a quick outfit change.

Wrap dress

  • Dry sheets:

She has a genius hack to keep your suitcase smelling crisp all vacation long by just layering dry sheets between every two pieces of clothes.

Your clothes will smell fresh when you arrive and when you return home.

Dry sheets

What’s the item you always pack for vacation? Tell us in the comments and share with us your own hacks!

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