Kylie Jenner’s Tips and Tricks to Get the Perfect Poolside Instagram Photo


Unless you’re a model, a celebrity, or a fashion blogger, you may have no idea on how to pose and poise to get the perfect poolside Instagram photo, and it’s totally okay! We know that taking pictures wearing nothing but a cheeky swimsuit may be a little intimidating. But what if we told you that you can end up with gorgeous Insta-worthy pictures?

We’ve round up the top 5 tips and tricks from top bloggers and photographers to get the most flattering swimsuit pics ever.

Also, we took some inspiration from THE Instagram expert: Kylie Jenner.

1- Angles are -literally- everything:

With a good angle, you can look flirty and mischievous or innocent and shy. You just have to find what’s the better side of your face for pictures and pair it with your best personal pose.

If you want to look great without even trying, just extend your body with good posture then stand slightly sideways and tilt your chin a little bit upward or a tad downward. This pose works for almost everybody!

Kylie has mastered this trick:

Angles are -literally- everything

Want to look smaller on the bottom? Try shooting from above.

And if you want to add length to your body, the best tip is to pop out 1 leg in front of the other. This will flatter your hips and add a bit of model-like attitude.

2- Good lighting is the game changer:

Good lighting is the game changer

Take advantage of the best light source we have: the sun. Sunlight makes everyone look good in a natural way. Just avoid taking pictures at midday if you’re not wearing sunglasses or then you’ll get shadows under your eyes because strong light means strong shadows.

Also, keep in mind that if you’re very pale, too much sunlight can wash you out. But if you have a darker skin, bright sunlight can get you a very glamorous touch.

When in doubt, shoot at sunrise and sunset and take advantage of the light that reflects on the blue water. This will get you a cool effect.

3- Pool floats will add a fun and colorful touch:

Thanks to Instagram, a day by the pool without a picture on a pool float it’s proof enough that your day wasn’t that much fun. This trend is only gaining more popularity as celebs keep posting stunning pictures posing on floaties with the coolest shapes.

Pool floats will add a fun and colorful touch

The secret behind these pictures is that these pool floats takes some focus off of you and add an element of fun.

So, if you don’t want to show off too much of skin get yourself a pool float!

4- Lie on your back and prop one leg out:

Instead of being full flat on the ground, use your abs to hold your body a little bit up and prop one or both legs out so you aren’t smashed into the ground.

Lie on your back and prop one leg out

Have someone take your pictures from above to capture your complete swimsuit. This is a flattering angle that will also give you inner thigh coverage.

5- Get in the water!:

If you have a waterproof camera of phone try taking pictures from different angles while standing in the water, or even take fun photos underwater.

Pose from the side and you’ll be showing off just enough. Also, you can be slightly seductive.

Get in the water!

What’s your favorite poolside pose? Did you already know any of these tips and tricks? Be sure to tag us on Instagram @Cristalina_Swimwear when you post a poolside photo so we can repost you!

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