Ashley Graham and Her TOP Bikini Hacks For Women With Big Boobs

The body-positivity icon and plus size model Ashley Graham has made it clear that she’s all about sexy swimsuits for all body shapes, although she shared one thing that she doesn’t love about some suits: the painful pressure on the neck from wearing a string bikini halter top.
Ashley Graham

That’s why she has blessed us with a life-changing hack for bigger-breasted women to keep your neck from hurting in a bikini:

- Instead of tying the bikini strings like you usually would try tying each string to its opposite back string. You’ll convert the bathing suit into a cross-back top to evenly distribute pressure on the shoulders and back.

Ashley Graham

Genius, right? Your neck will thank you!

Ashley shared some photos demonstrating how the hack worked on her body. She rocked her bikini top in a straight spaghetti-strap fashion, giving herself great support with a less complicated redesign and looking as comfy as can be with her DIY cross-back bathing suit.

Ashley Graham Ashley Graham

The beautiful plus-size model also shared a simple trick to wear a strapless bra. Because, let’s face it: they pinch, they sag, they fall. And above all, they frustrate.

If you are tired of constantly pulling a strapless top all day to keep big boobs secure, Ashley is here to save the day: opt for a size down!

Seriously, if you’re gonna wear a strapless bra or bikini top just go down a size only in the band. This will keep the girls lifted without suffocating them.

Ashley Graham

If you love Ashley’s practical advice as much as we do, make sure to try it yourself and tell us in the comments below if they worked!

Ashley Graham



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